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Oct 26, 2009 05:33 PM

Top Chef: Just Desserts

Just read about this on my AOL food looks like a third show will become part of the franchise....pastry chefs will go against each other in making desserts!

No judges or host yet, but they'll be deciding very soon. I think this *could* be interesting, but not as interesting as the regular TC or TCM. But we'll see!

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  1. right on. they picked up a second season of TCM too - hooray! more TC is always a good thing :)

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Yup, there's another TCM2 thread going. I'm just hoping our boyfriend shows up on this season, ghg. ;-)

    2. I hope this doesn't de-evolve into the FN Challenge show.

      1. What's next, Top Chef: Let Them Eat Cake or Top Chef: vs. City ?

        I realize I am not a dessert person, but I have no interest in watching chef's make dessert. Its why I tune out of Chopped during the last round, then come back at the end to see who won.

        1. I can't remember if I saw the link here at Chowhound or somewhere else but another board was discussing this and some folks on the board were laughing saying, that next it was going to be Top Chef: Special Victims Unit…

          One post, a poster named Biggles wrote:
          In the Culinary Justice System… custard based offenses are considered especially delicious. In New York City the dedicated detectives who investigate these viscous felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victuals Unit. These are their stories... dunDUN

          I laughed and laughed (I'm also a L&O fan). Of course, I'll be watching!

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          1. re: Ima Wurdibitsch

            I think that was on the TCM2 thread - but I didn't see Biggles' response - very well done! LOL

          2. I'm so excited about this! I'm obsessed with Top Chef, but I'm not really much of a cook myself. I adore making desserts, so for me, this would be just about heaven. I hope Gale Gand is involved with judging. I always loved her Sweet Dreams show on FN.

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            1. re: sharonlouk

              ...and if you've never experienced Gale's desserts in person, it's almost worth a trip to Chicago just to go to Tru for dessert! Plus she's a really lovely person. ;)