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Oct 26, 2009 04:16 PM

Todd English's Tuscany Mohegan Sun

Had dinner here last night and was very disappointed. Started with lobster cakes that were mostly filler with chopped lobster topping the cakes and a nothing special sauce. Others at table had ceasar salad - romain with dressing - and the bibb lettuce. Entrees were overpriced spagetti and meatballs with so much oregano they were inedible, Oreccheitte with a pesto sauce that was OK. The only winner was scallops - perfectly cooked and seasoned. Excellent wine list. For the price everything should have been exceptional and it was ordinary at best. To their credit the meatballs were taken off the bill without even be asked when it was obvious they were not going to be eaten.

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  1. Todd English should be embarrassed of that place. I have had two meals there and both had hit or misses. Unfortunately both times 50% of the meal was a miss. You can't charge those kind of prices for such mediocre food.

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      I ate there once about a year ago and was very disappointed. I got a pasta dish that I dont recall, other than it was horrible. When I told the waitress I didnt like it, she told me "they were taking that off the menu as of tomorrow" which pissed me off to no end because I asked if it was good and she said yes....... unbelieveable. I do believe they comped my portion of the meal, however.

    2. We used to have our business lunches there years ago.
      Almost always a disappointment!

      1. We're staying at Mohegan Sun Monday night, and as always, I checked the website to see if there were any concerts or other events. I check so we don't end up stuck in a stampede of rabid fans, or worse yet, children. Why people bring their kids to the casino is beyond me, but, anyway:

        There was an ad saying that Todd English's Tuscany now serves breakfast. The breakfast menu is beyond boring, unless you're really into $5 grapefruit. That prompted me to check out the dinner menu which was equally blah. No thanks!

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          I continue to be puzzled as to why people expect good food at either of these gambling factories.

          1. re: Gin n Tonic

            There's a ton of good food to be found at Mohegan Sun. I also know many people who go to the casino just to eat and see a show. No need to write them off just because you can also gamble if you choose.

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              I completely agree. I have been to Mohegan plenty of times to grab dinner and see a concert or a comedian with no gambling involved. Both casinos offer some fabulous dining options. Don't let your bias against gambling stop you from trying out some of their great places to grab a bite (and it's not just all about pricier restaurants either).

        2. Our original reservations were for Michael Jordan's. Have heard good things about their steaks and wish we would have gone there! We stayed at Foxwoods and had several good meals there. Most surprising was at the Cafe on the lower level. Excellent baked crab cakes that had virtually no filler, a beautiful rib-eye, coconut shrimp, even the comfort food - open face roast beef or turkey, were better than expected. We also ate at Noodles (good), the Sports Bar (what you would expect), grabbed a burger at Fudruckers, and brought home a Juniors Cheesecake (mine is better).

          You have to wonder if English is aware how bad this restaurant is. I wouldn't want my name associated with it!

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            I have been to Jordan's many times and have always had a great meal with great service. Their garlic bread with Maytag fondue is to die for.

            As for English, he should be ashamed to have his name on that restaurant. I am very surprised that there isn't more quality control in the kitchen.