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Oct 26, 2009 03:45 PM

Day three: Let me tell you about Chez Dumonet

First of all we went, in order, to the lourve (You can download a tour from their site which is wonderful) on to Angelina (too hot for hot chocolate), Pierre Herme (the Mister had a macaroon and I took some home, 8 for 10.50E I think), on to Maille for a crock of hot and fruity mustard to take home, then Fauchon for lunch. Why you say? The weather was 65 degrees and sunny and we ate outside. Salad, coffee, orange juice and an eclair with Mona Lisa eyers!!Shopping at Galeries Lafayette, on G. Detou (no tarbais beans) A Simon (for the revol crushed expresso cups) Monoprix ( for shopping bags and gallettes) then back to the hotel.
Dinnere at Chez Dumonet. 2 things: Food is wonderful but don't sit in the back room. Yes we sat in the back room and it is no fun. We were forgotten, thought they did bring us more wine, it was warm, and my new BFF is the chef who would come by to see how we were doing. An apertif to start and an amuse bouche of pumpkin soup. Bread and butter .Foie Gras--fabulous, get a half order, Duck Confit--fatty and crisp, great potatoes. Beef Bourgnion (sp?)--unbielivable. Passed on the souffle because it was too much. The server said next time ask for the front rooms, and take another night if not available when I ask. Get half orders when available. And please don't make reservations for this Wednesday because I am calling tomorrow to see if I can go back. I 'd like to share the whole duck with Mr. Hubby. Oh l'addition? 84E. Well worth it.

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  1. The "half orders" advice is good. It is one of the few places to do so, and as their portions are so large it is sensible if you want to try lots of different things.

    Interesting comment about the back room; it used to be the discrete room where the famous could hang out, and it was especially popular with actors and the like. I think I have only ever eaten there, and it was always quite full with good "Parisian" service.

    1. Was at Dumonet recently as well:

      One other thing - the steak tartare is just amazing. Very highly recommended, though probably to share. I ate the whole thing and while I don't regret it, it was a bit too much (they don't do half portions).

      Also, the mushrooms stuffed with fois gras were amazing, if pricey. Stay away from the shrimp appetizer - not too exciting.