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ideas for pulled pork

anyone have any ideas for leftover pulled pork? other than freezing it (the freezer will explode if i put one more thing in it) i was wondering if there was something else besides a red sauce, pot pie or hash - though if anyone has a good hash recipe, i have been looking for one.
it does have some bbq essence but its not overwhelming and i still have the braising liquid...any ideas for that too?

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  1. Make a gravy out of the remaining braising liquid, add some veggies (e.g. carrots, potatoes, peas, celery, etc.) and make a "Pulled Pork Pot Pie"

    1. Tacos!

      Hash - finely dice onions, peppers, potatoes and sweet potatoes, saute with whatever seasoning and herbs fit your fancy and toss in the pull pork at the end to warm. Finish off with some hot sauce and maybe a couple of poached eggs. Mmmm...

      1. My grandmother used to make a Brunswick Stew out of chicken & pulled pork (although, you can use just the pork) and is served at barbecues in the south. Essentially, it's stew made with tomato juice & paste, canned (or fresh chopped, if you have) tomatoes, chopped onions, celery, carrot & garlic, any type of mixed vegetables & potatoes, sliced okra, the chicken and/or pork meat and a little cornstarch slurry in chicken stock to thicken and simmer.

        For the vegetables, sometimes my Grandmother used whatever combination from her garden but sometimes she just used frozen mixed. This would be a great place to use your braising liquid and sauce instead of the tomato juice. She always served with fried cornbread or homemade hot out the wood oven biscuits.....

        1. Pulled Pork Hand Pies!

          Can never have too much pulled pork. Yum.

          1. I've added five spice powder, hoisin sauce and made steamed pork buns. I've also rolled the pulled pork in flour tortillas with pepper jack cheese, deep fried them to make flautas.

                1. despite having the makings of pasta bolognese on the stove im salivating over tacos and nachos. i think it might be a shoe-in for sunday. thanks everyone!

                  1. enchiladas! this is practically carnitas, after all.

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                    1. Make a frittata or hash.

                      1. I've used leftover pulled pork for nachos, quesadillas and pizza!

                        1. Eggs (sorta) Benedict is another - substitute pulled pork for the Canadian bacon.

                          1. I had another idea. How about Cubano sandwiches? Bet it would taste awesome with some Swiss cheese, ham, mustard, pickles. Mmmmm. It's 1am and I can't sleep, but I sure can dream...

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                              Yes, yes, yes! That's a major good use. Forgot about that one...

                            2. Pulled pork and cheese empanadas
                              Pulled pork bao with bourbon peach sauce
                              Wrapped with mashed potatoes and fried
                              Mixed into macaroni and cheese
                              Pulled pork poutine

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                                What time should we come over? :) Nice ideas!

                                1. My hash recipe is modified from Julia Child in The Way to Cook. The quantities are very flexible, what I am giving is what I make for two people and there are usually leftovers.

                                  Finely chop an onion and slowly saute in butter until translucent--Julia says it should take 10 minutes. 12 in non stick skillet. Cut 1-2 russets or 3 large yukons into 1/4 to 1/2 inch dice. Add to the pan. At this point, if you wish, add chopped peppers. Add enough liquid to come part way up the sides of the potatoes. Cover for a few minutes, then uncover and let cook, stirring occasionally, until liquid all absorbed. I am pretty loose on this part--the idea is just to cook the potatoes through. I usually use broth, but you could probably use other liquids. Once liquid is gone, add leftover cooked veg if you have any (I usually do not). Add any leftover liquids you ahve, such as gravy. I usually add a bit of cream at this point because I like the richness and mouth feel it adds. Now, with the heat at medium, let cook for several minutes without stirring. this is when you are starting to brown the underside to make "hash." After several minutes, stir, then keep cooking. you can brown and stir as often as you wanjt, to get it as brown as you want. depending on the meat I am using, I add it at some point after the first stir. for instance, I often make this with steak so add it closer to the end. with pulled pork I would want to make sure it's dry and crispy with the hash. With the last stir, you can add some cheese if desired. I try to use some grated cheese like fontina, emmanthaler, something with some flavor that melts well. Sprinkle in some parsley for color. We always eat hash with poached eggs, one of my favorite brunches, but good all day. Julia also recommends serving with a fresh tomato sauce. I have made this with all kinds of leftover meats to great success. The whole thing, cooktime wise, can take 30-40 mins.

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