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Oct 26, 2009 02:57 PM

Persian take-out in Scarborough or nearby

I bought some take-out from Super Khorak (baghali polo (lamb shanks) and koobideh (kebabs), and found it ok. They give so much rice and not much meat (which is to be expected I guess). The service wasn't very friendly imo.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for take-out that is close to Scarborough or nearby?

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  1. the staff in super khorak is rude. I never go there. I dont know anything about places near scarborough, but if you go further north on yonge, south of HWY 7, 'Kish' has way better food for take out. still, I must emphasize that these places are generally a disgrace to persian food. still and all, Kish is superior to Khorak by leaps and bounds

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      Thanks for your feedback, I thought I was the only one who thought they were rude.

      I had waited patiently and asked nicely at the check out counter to buy some pastries and they had 3 varieties of a swiss roll type cake. I asked what the difference was and was told by a woman that they're all the same, just different colors. Nice huh??? I bought all 3 and no, they were definitely different flavors. The counter staff at the hot take-out table were no better!

      Who needs the hassle? Will give Kish a try, thanks!

      Swiss Cafe
      1200 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K3B8, CA

    2. As a Persian I can tell you Super Khorak folks are rude and the food and pastry is not that great. Only go there for groceries (i.e. good cheese, yoghurt, even veggies)

      If you want pastries, in the Plaza south to Super Khorak there is a place called Paniz. It's quite good.

      For food, if you want kebab there is Adel in the same plaza as Paniz and there is Iran which is two blocks north of Super Khorak on the same side. Both are very good and competitive.

      If you want stews and such for take out, there is a place, I forget the name but just North of Steeles there is a plaza, they have much better quality and are not pricks.

      Hope this helps.