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Oct 26, 2009 02:15 PM

Dallas Brunch - Thanksgiving

Has anyone here had a great Thanksgiving Brunch in Dallas? We are not really into Thanksgiving food, so we are looking for brunch focused food in addition to Turkey and stuffing. Ideally between Richardson and Arlington. $40 to $60 per person is kind of our range. Not interested in $20 chain restaurants.

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  1. ..considering Trevi's at the Omni Las Colinas.

    1. Here is one place to start:

      In addition, I'd expect to see ads creeping into the DMN, if not this weekend, certainly next. For ideas closer to Arlington (Tarrant County), you may want to pick up the FW Star Telegram. Since you said between Rich and Arl, you may want to check the restaurants at the Gaylord Texan.

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        1. Old Warsaw generally has wonderful prixe fix menus for holidays, haven't heard anything as of yet. I will call them manana. Always pretty nifty deal. I think it was Mother's Day and Easter this year, for 29.95 a head you get a 4 course meal with nice selections.

          1. Some of the better hotels in Dallas do a Thanksgiving buffet usually starting at 11:00AM. Not sure about typical brunch food, however. I'd call around. The Ritz Carleton, Four Seasons, The Mansion, etc.