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Oct 26, 2009 02:05 PM

Pittsburgh itinerary help please.

Hello Pittsburgh experts,

Planning a one night trip, arriving on a Saturday, to attend a matinee performance the next day at Heinz Hall. Would like some advice on casual, but very good eats, and hotel as well.

I'm currently thinking of staying at either the Hampton in the strip district, or the Courtyard downtown.

Would like to be within walking distance for dinner and drinks. I'm leaning towards the Hampton, and having dinner at Kaya. Drinks at Eleven. Possibly brunch at Lidia's. I suppose that would mean driving to Heinz Hall so advice on parking would also be appreciated.


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  1. My wife and I have had lunch at Kaya. The food was very good and the service not bad.

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      There are 3 restaurants up on top of the mountain overlooking Pittsburgh- this area is called Grand View. 1 bar type with good view- 1 american style -1 kinda fancy. The food is good at all 3, but the view, esp. when the lights come on at sunset, is truly grand. I can not think of another city with this kind of view. It is a dont miss.
      Just ask your taxi driver, take the cog tram or ask anyone how to getup to Grand View.

    2. Sounds like a perfect itinerary, IMO. Yes, the views from Mt. Wash are amazing. But you will get much better food @ Kaya and Eleven.

      You may also want to consider drinks at Embury, on the first floor of the Firehouse Lounge. It has a resident mixologist. I can't personally vouch, but those I trust have said the drinks are quite exceptional. But a much different atmosphere than Eleven.

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        I agree with Whigsboy. You're tentive itinerary is pretty good as you are hitting 3 really nice places. If you stay at the Hampton, you could theoretically walk to Heinz hall, but it may not be a pleasant walk if you are all dressed up without comfy walking shoes. If you drive, there is a parking garage right on Penn Ave just past 6th st, right across the street from Heinz Hall. From the hotel, take a right on Smallman, left on 11th, first right on Penn and the garage is on the left just past the intersection with 6th. If you end up staying at the Courtyard, you can eat at Sonoma Grille right in the hotel, drinks at Seviche across the street, and walk to Heinz Hall.

      2. As far as Kaya goes if you have dined in Miami or the Caribbean itself then you will find their food just okay and nothing particularly fantastic. If you haven’t anything to compare it to then you will probably enjoy it greatly. The best dining experience will be at Eleven or Nine on Nine, Eleven is probably one of the higher-end restaurants in Pittsburgh (read fancy).

        I second the idea of having drinks at the firehouse lounge, very nice place.

        Lidia’s food (lunch and dinner) is average but I have ‘heard’ their brunch is quite good.

        I usually stay at The Omni William Penn downtown, hotwire rates, if available, are $ 88 a night.

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          Thanks for all the info. The Firehouse lounge looks great. Is it walkable from the Hampton at night?

        2. Why not the Hilton or Omni? Both are right by Heinz Hall. They're also near Six Penn (and the Omni has a couple of very good restaurants itself). Best thing about staying there is you're within walking distance of the "T" which you can take over to Station Square, then take the incline up to Mt. Washington for drinks there (not dinner).

          You could do the same from the Hotel Wm. Penn and enjoy dinner at the Carlton (another restaurant not talked up on CH but one that's routinely excellent). Not a particularly long walk to Heinz, but pushing the limit if you're dressed up. The Wm Penn has a nice informal tap room as well for drinks.

          Tap Room
          1402 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102

          Station Square
          2 E Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219