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Oct 26, 2009 01:14 PM

Good beer & kid-friendly restaurants?

I want to celebrate my husband's birthday this Fri. evening with a bunch of friends, some of whom (including us) have kids ranging from 3-6 years old. My husband is German and loves good beer. Last year, we dined at Brasserie Beck (with fewer kids). This year I was looking into ChurchKey, but I just learned that you have to be 21+ to dine/drink there. We've dined at Rustico many times, so I was hoping to find someplace new that's remotely kid-friendly. Pizzeria Paradiso is a possibility, but I know the parking situation won't be great at either location on a Fri. evening.

Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot.

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  1. havent been in a while since i moved out of the area, but you can always bring a well behaved kid into old ebbitt and they have a good selection.

    1. Lost Dog in the Falls Church area has a good beer selection and is kid friendly, so are the Dogfish Head Ale places, although not as upscale as Brasserie Beck. I am not a big beer drinker so I am not sure where else.

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        Lost Dog in the Westover neighborhood has been closed recently for renovations. I'm not sure if they have opened back up yet in that location. However, there should be no problem going to the location on the corner of Columbia Pike and Fillmore/Walter Reed, across from the Arlington Cinema and Draft House.

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          They reopened I went last week, it looks really nice. I like the new set up.

      2. Well ktm beat me to it with the Lost Dog suggestion. Decent enough tap list for some. Decent eclectic food if you like subs and pizza. And plenty of good choices for to-go beer. And kids love the place. But heck, we've been dragging our girls to beer places/events/pubs/bars for years and almost never have any issues (even talked our way past a few bouncers with them in tow). Course they are older then your kids so it may be a different dynamic. 11 plays much better then 3 Ive found...

        Some thoughts: You might try Commonwealth Gastro pub in Columbia Heights. One of our 14 year old's favorite places is Kramer Books where she loads up on salads and steaks and ice cream while mom and dad get a few good brews... Maplewood Grill in Vienna is a nice formal dining spot that serves good beer and thats perfectly fine with kids and our girls love the Old Brogue Irish Pub in Great Falls which despite being a real working pub does very well with kiddies. And if your husband is looking for something specifically German you might take him to Döner Bistro which is way out in Leesburg but always has a few good German brews on tap and some interesting German food to boot. Small place though. If the party is too big you can always go across the street to Fireworks Pizza where the draft selection is always good and the kids will love the wood fired pizza. And of course theres always Gordon Biersch or Cap City if you are so inclined.

        1. If you've already been to Brasserie Beck then Pizzeria Paradisio is probably your best bet. Any way you can take the metro instead of driving in? I think one of the restaurants across from Paradisio in Dupont has valet parking---that's always a possibility.

          How about Matchbox in Eastern Market? They seem to have an interesting beer selection and are family friendly.

          1. Are you certain they explicitly said no-one under 21 at Churchkey? Because the neighborhood is full of families with small children and I ALWAYS see kids at places like St. Ex and Bar Pilar. I can't imagine Churchkey would try and alienate the neighbors by banning kids.

            Granville Moore's on H has a good beer selection (mostly Belgian), great moulles frites, and is kid friendly.

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              had dinner last night at Matchbox in chinatown on H street between 7th and 8th. It is kid friendly. first had half a chopped salad that was very good with homemade dressing and fresh bacon in it. Had sliders as an appetizer and we ordered 6 but they served 7 excellent burgers on brioche with home made durkee like onion rings. then got the meat lovers pizza which was excellent. They have a lot of high end beers on tap and I had a delerium tremens from belgium which was good. Definitely summarized as bar food kicked up 10 notches in quality in a nice atmosphere that you could bring kids to. will go back

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                One problem with G. Moore's is they don't take reservations, so if it is a group they could be waiting a while, which isn't ideal with kids.

                What about a place like Rock Bottom Brewery or Sweetwater Tavern? Not very "chowish" but ok food, decent beer, and very family friendly.