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Oct 26, 2009 01:13 PM

Looking for great local food in St Louis

I'm traveling to St Louis for the next several weeks and staying within sight of the Lambert Airport. We work long hours but still need a respite in the evenings. Where can I go to find good local food that's reasonably priced and not too far away? All I have found close by are chains.

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  1. You are not really in a very good area IMO.

    I don't mean it is a "bad" area. Just not alot of great food choices.

    Have you searched the board for past posts? There is tons of info.


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      I agree about the area, it's sort of a wasteland when it comes to interesting food. How far do I have to drive to find interesting food? I've ventured to Creve Cour and found a couple places there. I really don't think I'll have the energy to go all the way downtown after a 12 hour day. Any ideas?

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        For quick service BBQ check out the website for Pappy's, and for more fine, sit-down dining, check out Mike Shannon's (right behind Busch Stadium)

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          There are a couple of places I would recommend in the Dorsett Page Area. One right off Page and Bennington is Balduccis. Excellent Deep Dish pizza. Casual and not expensive.
          One right off Dorsett and 270 is Thai Kitchen. Also good.
          You are pretty close to the Delmar Loop area.
          La Pizza on Delmar has great Pizza. Pi in the loop has awesome Pizza. Blueberry Hill is a casual bar with good burgers. Lots of other places to explore.
          Pappys is good as was suggested but they run our of food before dinner time so if you go, I would go at lunch.
          Down Lindberg past Creve Couer is Kirkwood. There is Deweys pizza there that is really good. ALot of other places to worth checking out.
          There is alot of Mexican places iin the airport area around Woodson Road between the airport and Page I believe. Not sure which to recommend but if that is of interest you may want to check it out. I believe Las Palmas is one I hear good things about.
          If you can venture halfway into the city, at the intersection of Kingshighway and Highway 44 is a saloon called Oconnels. Roast beef sandwiches that will knock your sox off and pretty good burgers also.
          If you go to Delmar off of 170, and instead of heading east towards the loop, go west and in the first shipping strip is a good Chinese Place called Guo Bin I believe it is. I have heard good things about this place.
          If you go east, the first center on your right has a good Vietnamese place. I forget the name but it is right there just off 170.
          If I think of others I will let you know.


      2. There is a Mexican place I just thought of that we like alot that is not that far. You go straight up Lindberg north from the airport. Just past 170 it is on the left in a large strip center called Pueblo Nuevo.
        The outside window special Tacos Al Pastor es excellent. The tortilla soup is very good and the green chili burritos great as well as the chimichongas.
        I specifically like the pork in all these dishes.


        1. you can be in Clayton U City and the Central West End in 15 minutes if the traffic is light (but \watch for speed traps between 70 and Page Avenue.

          that will widen your choices considerably.

          1. I would suggest Las Palmas. Their original location (of 3?) is on Woodson within sight of the airport. I have always had good food (Mexican) there and you will hear more spanish than english.

            Although I haven't been in a long time, there is India Palace at the top of the building on the NE corner of I-70 and Lindbergh. Considered some of the best Indian food in STL. It overlooks the airport and runways.

            1. Hendel's Market in old town Florissant is a short ride from the airport, cool old rehabbed corner market. Nice patio too, although it's getting a little chilly (and damp) for that now.

              Lombardo's Restaurant is in or very near one of the airport hotels. I've never been to that location, but I like their Union Station location. Other than that, the other posters have offered some good options.