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Oct 26, 2009 12:29 PM


Anyone have any intresting recipes for Basa? I picked some fillets up for the first time and I am looking for ideas......I've not tried it before...

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  1. Basa, Sutchi and Swai are all regional names for Indonesian Catfish. They work well in any Cajun/Creole recipe like Catfish Courtbouillion, fried catfish. I cook basa with homemade 8 Minute grapefruit or lemon marmalade to make a pan sauce. I also use them in place of sea bass in Pescado Cubano - a white wine, caper, olive poach that goes well with most white fish.

    1. It's good smoked as an entree as well as a smoked dip served with crackers.

      1. We eat Basa freqently. It is great in a fish chowder, cheviche, breaded in a Panko, or crunchy corn flake crumb after dredging in an egg wash and fry in olive oil or your favorite type of oil. Our favorite is cooking it in butter and olive oil with herbs de provence on both sides. Enjoy!

        1. I season it with spicy chickpea flour batter and shallow fry. It turns so creamy inside the crispy batter. A very nice fish.

          1. I love basa, eat it all the time. Usually, I season with just salt + pepper, dredge lightly in flour, pan fry in olive oil. Once cooked, I remove filets and add to pan some white wine, a little fresh lemon juice, butter and garlic and let this reduce for just a minute, then pour over fish and serve. I suggest with rice pilaf and some pico de gallo.