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Oct 26, 2009 12:27 PM

fried pork rinds

The Southern-fried scourge of the food pyramid , anyone seen them in the Brampton area , ....they seemed to have disappeared of the map , at least in the big stores. Good eats on a low carb regimen.

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  1. Not sure where in the grocery stores but you get a massive cupful of freshly fried rinds at the Queen and Beaver for about 4 bucks.

    1. I think I have seen them at Bulk Barn (in sealed bags, not in the bulk bins).

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      1. re: LJS2

        Try the Low Card Grocery Store...
        Unit #8, 170 Esna Park Drive
        Markham, Ontario
        L3R 1E3 Canada

        Telephone:(905) 752-1284

        I picked up a few bags of the Baken Ets by Frito Lays there very recently. Lot's of other Low Carb foods but a little on the pricey side.

        1. re: Poorboy

          I think that's supposed to be The Low-Carb Grocery.

          I've noticed that Porky's brand seems to have disappeared in the GTA. I'm wondering if they have stopped distributing to Canada.

          I've seen lots of pork rinds in Asian stores, such as the one at the corner of Markham Rd and Lawrence E (Soon Lee or something), but they are harder than the Porky's ones were. Bakenets are probably softer, like shrimp chips in texture.