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Oct 26, 2009 12:22 PM

Chef's Choice asian knife sharpener #463

Anybody know where I can purchase the above in Toronto

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  1. Haven't seen it in Toronto but you can purchase it from Paul's Finest. They're a Canadian retailer based out of Montreal.

    Keep in mind this sharpener will give you a 50/50 bevel at 15 degrees. Middle of the road Japanese western knives like Shun, Mac, Global, Tojiro DP, Togiharu all offer this bevel. However most other brands will offer right or left handed bevels that aren't 50/50, more like 70/30. A 70/30 knife won't be destroyed if you use this machine, but it'll change the edge geometry as designed by the manufacturer. That is a personal choice.

    Finally, traditional Japanese knives like yanagi/deba/usuba etc are single bevel. Do not use those w/ this sharpener.