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Oct 26, 2009 12:15 PM

Tampa CH Get-together: Ella's

Would you guys want to get together one evening this week at Ella's and check it out? I went by last night at like 7:30 but they close at 7pm on Sundays :(

The bartender was still cool enough to offer me a beer, but looking at everyone elses' delicious looking grub would have killed me so we took off.

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  1. i'd like to hear more good feeback before i got a bunch of us together to try it.

    i'm leaving town this week, but i have been meaning to try the place.

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    1. re: andy huse

      Have a great time at the SFA conference. That is on my bucket list one of these days.

      1. re: andy huse

        gotcha. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. :)

        I'll give it a go and see what I can do, I'll try to get a half dozen buddies to go and try as much as I can.

      2. I went last Friday with 3 others and we all enjoyed it. Unfortunately the desserts aren't their strong point, but the main courses were excellent. If you go on Friday or Saturday, I recommend getting there early as the parking lot was pretty much filled by the time we got there at 5:30.

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          I agree with you, we went last night. Bruchetta - OK, but underseasoned for sure, Salmon Tacos - Yummy but nothing to write home about, Tuna cracka stacka - nice mix of texture and flavor, I'd get it again. Peach fritters- tasty but were missing something. I'd like to go back for brunch with more people, it was only my wife and I and we didn't get to try enough stuff. I must say that their wine prices are outstanding! average about 18-20 dollars a bottle.