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Oct 26, 2009 12:05 PM

Dinner in Bethesda

Going to be in Bethesda beginning of November visiting daughter in grad school. We all like seafood and steaks. Got any ideas? What are your favs including all types of food?

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  1. Black's Bar & Kitchen. One of the best non-chain places in Bethesda for seafood. If you don't want to pay the high prices for the dining room, grab a seat in the bar for happy hour. The deals are pretty good, and if you order the right things, you can make a meal out of it.

    Morton's and Ruth's Chris are the most well-known steak places, but entirely overpriced. So go for Morton's for their HH too! Check with them for exact hours, but they have two happy hour time periods: one regular (around 4 or 5pm) and one late night (after 9:30pm I think). Real steals (4 filet mignon sandwiches, a plate of sliders, etc. all for $5/plate), but the drinks are full price.

    Try Woodmont Grill (formerly known as Houston's) for mid-price and decent steak.

    For casual but fun Italian, try Olazzo.

    1. I've only been to Grapeseed once but got to sample of bunch of different things, all of which were really wonderful (gnocchi were fabulous). And a GREAT wine list.

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          Ollazo for homestyle Italian (tonite I had their homemade gnocci w/ meat ragu-delicious.)

      1. i always have a great meal at Ruth's Chris in Bethesda. The steaks are prime and perfectly cooked to order. The sides are large and great. The bbq shrimp appetizer is just like you get in New Orleans. The salads are terrific. The banana creme pie and creme broulet as well as the chocolate volcano cake are fantastic. The lobsters are big and delicous. drinks are big and good. I never understand why it gets no respect. go there if a great steak dinner is what you want in Bethesda.
        The ribeye steak is good at Blacks and it is a more contemporary restaurant.
        I don't like Morton's
        Mon Ami Gabi is a french steak house and is ok.

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          My family really enjoys Faryab for afghani food . We love the pumpkin dish!!!

          We also like Green Papaya for vietnamese.

          Bethesda is just full of good food choices in general -- but I don't think Mon Ami Gabi is one of them.

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            i agree that mon ami gabi is a "second tier steakhouse" ranked along with Tympano's, Outback steak etc.
            There are many wonderful restaurants in Bethesda but the post clearly said steak and seafood

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              I agree that I wouldn't call it a steakhouse (and I also only the Reston location personally). I do like it, but you have to order carefully. VERY let down by the burgers, for instance.

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                I agree that I wouldn't call it a steakhouse (and I also only the Reston location personally). I do like it, but you have to order carefully. VERY let down by the burgers, for instance.

                On the steak front, I don't mind, but you have to know what you're getting. Sort of like knowing that ordering Carne Asada is not like ordering at Ray's.

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              I too like Ruth's Chris in Bethesda. I've had better experiences there compared to the DC location. I love th sides and chocolate volcano cake as well. For steak in Bethesda, that's where I'd go if I were the OP. I know that chains don't get a lot of love on this board and I'm not a big chain-goer, but Ruth's is very good. Also, in Bethesda, I've had very good experiences at McCormick & Schmick. The meat options (steaks, filet mignon) and sides are solid, but my favoirte thing to order is the coconut shrimp. Service is usually very good there, and I really like the ambiance.

              Regarding other types of foods (since the OP is interested), I also recommend Jaleo (Spanish tapas) and second the recommendation for Grapeseed. I don't like or recommend Mon Ami Gabi.

            3. If "seafood" extends to sushi, Matuba has a fun rotary sushi bar at their Bethesda location. Recently tried it for the first time, was impressed by the fun of it! Sushi options were not wildly bountiful, but there was certainly plenty going around, and the chef was really friendly.

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                Do you know if this rotary sushi bar is available for lunch too?

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                    I can vouch for Doh. I've been for lunch, and the rotary thing is available for lunch, too.

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                    Matubi's rotary sushi AYCE is definitely chow worthy IMO.

                  3. Will you have a car? Rays the Classics is only 15-20 minutes away in Silver Spring and makes great steaks at great prices.

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                      True. They also have several great seafood dishes, too. Ray's is definitely worth a visit. They are all about their steaks, and on top of that, it's a fantastic value.

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                        Yes i will but not sure I want to drive out of Behtesda. If we decide out of town, will consider Ray' s.