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Oct 26, 2009 11:47 AM

Decent Thai Food - South Bay (Near El Segundo)

Last night we were jonesing for Thai food in our local area (El Segundo). With few other options than Siam Bay (on Grand Ave in E.S.), and not wanting to venture down toward Manhattan beach or back up to Westchester, we gave up.

We lived in Westchester for 10 years so we're aware of Araya (which I thought was OK but not "great, knock-sox-off" like some gush about here), Siam (Lannathai on Lincoln/Manchester), Thai Thalay (Lincoln - recently refurbished and while I thought new menu was ok, not worth price or portions), and the mediocre Thai Dishes (manchester location - NOT Santa Monica location which was our favorite decades ago). Other options we've tried in our search were further afoot toward Venice (Flower of Siam - now Agra Indian).

Perhaps we need to simply look further south to Manhattan (Thai Dishes on Manh B Blvd)? Might even have to go back to Araya in Westchester, although I don't know if they'd deliver to E.S.

As a side note, the only place of the above mentioned that did an *excellent* Tom Ka Gai was "Flower of Siam" (which sadly went downhill and closed a few years ago).

Can anyone recommend:

A) notable Thai food in or near El Segundo, Westchester, Manhattan Beach
B) notable Tom Ka Gai (or other great soups!) in said area
C) Delivery friendly or decent "to-go" standards.

Willing to drive a few miles and hope they'd deliver to our locale.

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  1. i'm not sure this is possible. i work in the south bay and don't even bother.

    i eat regionally - when in the south bay (torrance, gardena) i stick with japanese, korean, and certain mexican places.

    i would never in a million years even attempt to get good thai in manhattan beach. energy is just better spent on driving to thai town or north hollywood for the good stuff.


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    1. re: clearly

      Well I'm sure I can lower my standards enough to get by on "local" Thai. Doesn't have to be Renu Nakorn or Palm Thai every time.

      Just out of curiosity (and not to stray off topic) but what mexican do you like in So. Bay?

      Welcoming further suggestions for Thai Food in Westchester, El Segundo, Hawthorne, or Manhattan Beach. Come on folks, can't get off the hook that easy.

    2. My favorite Thai restaurant in the South Bay is Lomita Thai on PCH near Western Ave....that is no where near your area though.

      There is also Bangkok Grill in Hawthorne, I've had take-out from there a couple of times when I'm working in El Segundo. Decent pad kee mao.

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      1. re: annapurna7

        I like Lomita Thai... isn't that the lil' red building off of PCH? I'm so glad they deliver. Thai Rama is also pretty good.

        My favorite thai places aren't in the South Bay.... it's Bamboo House near Los Feliz off of Vermont and Hollywood or Royal Thai Orchid Restaurant off of Tustin St in Orange.

        1. re: DrBruin

          Yes, it's the little red building. I like their food because it has a good amount of spice to it. Most Thai I've had on the westside, near Culver City Thai Boom, is far too sweet with not enough spice and heat to counterbalance the sweetness. Sometimes it is helps to order it spicy, but sometimes if I'm not ordering myself during an office lunch, I'll forget and I end up not enjoying my meal.

          I'll have to give Thai Rama a try.

      2. I really like Thai Rama, but like Annapurna's comment, my fave South Bay Thai Restaurant is nowhere near the "northern" South Bay; it's in Torrance, on Torrance Blvd. just east of Anza Ave.

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        1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

          Yeah, that's pretty far afoot from my target area but thanks. Looking more for a "pop-out-and-pick-something-up" place. I may try the Bangkok Grill rec some time.

          So far, it's looking more and more like I have to head north rather than south (from the LAX area).

        2. I'm not a Thai expert, but my go-to place is Bamboo Thai Bistro. Qualifier -- I ask for "mild" spiciness. I've had their curries, pad thai, pad see ew, stir fries, etc. I had the larb (full strength) once -- they can do spicy.

          The interior is spare, but nice. The street is in the process of gentrification. Good luck.

          Bamboo Thai Bistro, 2208 Artesia, Redondo Beach, 90278. (31) 798.4618

          Redondo Beach Cafe
          1511 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

          Good Luck Bar
          1514 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

          Bamboo Thai Bistro
          2208 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

          Pad Thai Restaurant
          12620 Westminster Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92706

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          1. re: vickie2172

            Thanks for the reply. Hard to keep this thread in the LAX / South Bay area.... :)

            1. re: vickie2172

              I'm pretty sure that Bamboo is owned by the same family that owns the Thai Dishes in Manhattan Beach. There menu's are similar, right down to the font.

              1. re: young_chower

                Bamboo Thai is definitely owned by the same people as Thai Dishes / Thai Family in Manhattan Beach -- they told me they are. I've long complained that the Thai Dishes owners have a monopoly on Thai food close to my the Thai mafia or something. Their food is fulfills a craving for pad thai, tom yum soup, or a red curry now and then, but it's not the best. I would say their curries are the most high quality thing there. I will also try Thai Rama.

                If anyone can solve this mystery of where to get *good* thai food in the north end of the South Bay, I'll be soooo happy.

                1. re: megmw13

                  at times, when i go to ayara, i see the flight crews from thai airways dining there.
                  this may be an indication that there is nothing better in this little area.
                  i'd think that if there was something better, the flight crews would have discovered it.

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    >>i'd think that if there was something better, the flight crews would have discovered it.

                    ... or they'd have ventured farther afoot (MDR or further east) to find it. Might have to give Ayara another try I suppose.

                    1. re: cagey

                      it may make a difference if andy himself is cooking or if his wife is cooking that night. . . . .

            2. there aren't really any great thai restaurants in the area, so i'll cast my vote for siam i am. it's a small, inexpensive, mostly take-out and delivery joint. be sure to ask for low sugar and "Thai" spicy.