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Oct 26, 2009 11:43 AM

2 weeks in Paris, over Christmas with Kids

OK, hounds. We need help. We will be in Paris over Christmas for 2 weeks. We need restaurants, a combination of what will be good for our 4 kids ( very good eaters, very well-behaved, who will try almost anything) and what we'd rather do alone in order not to break the bank. We need both Christmas Eve and Christmas lunch recs. We love French food, but also Lebanese, Moroccan, Algerian, Vietnamese, etc. We want a mix of seriously good bistro, classic French, interesting reinterpretations, etc.

Basically, we don't want to waste a single meal, but our dream is to find some stupendous cheap eats, some magical, cripplingly expensive eats, and a bunch in between.

We'll be staying in the 6th, but will travel far and wide for food.

What do you say?

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  1. Have you searched here and on eG? We've (those of us who've hosted kids) gone over this ground a lot and there are a lot of good ideas out there.
    Soup and I disagree on this, but I've had kids from 0-45 here and we've always done well and if anything, been treated like royalty (offers of salami, mousse, ice cream, goofy kids drinks, etc) no matter what their ages.
    The usual suspects are Le Souffle, Recamier, Leon of B, glitzy brasseries, Laduree but any place will work.
    I'm about to do a Sunday Summary on my blog on the subject but it may take a week of research.

    John Talbott

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      Great. Looking forward to your Sunday round up. Problem alas w/ the divine Chow is that one has to search through millions of posts, divine relative reliability, etc. I was hoping to hear from someone just exactly like you.

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        We're going to be there with our 8 year old for a week over Christmas trying to do much the same combination as you and so far, we have plans for Chez Janou and Bistrot L'Oulette with our son (both in the 3rd, where we're staying) and possibly the less fancy restaurant in the Eiffel Tower on 12/24 or 12/25 if the restaurant is any good, because it seems like it would be fun. Maybe some of that is some help.

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          I agree that you're generally well treated when with kids, often very well. I just think that's it's often no fun, especially with kids closer to 0 than 45.

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            Often true. Perhaps most often true. We will save any truly stupendous experience for just ourselves. I also wouldn't want to inflict my family on others spending their week's paycheck to indulge in a 3 star experience. On the other hand, once one has them, one is stuck with them, and one must feed them.

        2. For a middle of the road lunch, you could try SUD on Rue Grenelle. There were quite a few kids chowing down on big bowls of pasta when I was there about a month ago. It's a nice, cosy room with friendly service and Med cuisine. And it's near the Renard macarons that everyone was talking about here a few weeks ago.

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            LE 7E SUD would be a good choice, and they are open on Sunday. The three souffle special at Le Souffle could be a memorable experience; best at lunch, so you can walk off the calories.

            1. re: Oakglen

              I think I'll book this for Christmas Day...thanks!

              1. re: Oakglen

                Drouant, near the Opera, offers Saturday and Sunday brunch, in addition to their other menus; I saw a number of families with young children there. The staff seemed delighted to see them and catered to the kids. I had a very good meal (wild duck pie), and I thought their menu was reasonably priced, with the daily special starting at 17 euro. The restaurant is bookable thru their website.

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