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Sour cherries in San Diego?

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I realize fresh sour cherries are seasonal and even then quite rare in San Diego. I'm wondering if anyone has seen frozen sour cherries anywhere?

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  1. Whole Foods usually carries jars of them (labeled as "tart" cherries). i think they're in the baking/spice aisle...? call La Jolla & Hillcrest to find out if either store has them.

    1. There are also jars at TJ (La Jolla)

      1. Vons et al. carry a dried tart Michigan cherry by Oceanspray that are great if you are going to cook with them. A soak before in something intoxicating or as the are if the dish contains liquid does the trick.

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          if we're going to include dried in the discussion, TJ's has great ones.

        2. I bought dried ones at Vons the other day. I think they were sunkist brand.

          1. Thanks, all! I'll check TJ first. I need to make a run to WF at some point in the next couple of weeks, so I'll check out what they have, too. I was hoping for frozen (don't really want to deal with the syrup in jars) but I'm sure the jars are fine.

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              You can find fresh sour cherries at middle eastern markets around town.

            2. I've seen them fresh at North Park Produce. They likely have them jarred or canned as well. Not sure about frozen, I never looked.