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Oct 26, 2009 11:15 AM

Sour cherries in San Diego?

I realize fresh sour cherries are seasonal and even then quite rare in San Diego. I'm wondering if anyone has seen frozen sour cherries anywhere?

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  1. Whole Foods usually carries jars of them (labeled as "tart" cherries). i think they're in the baking/spice aisle...? call La Jolla & Hillcrest to find out if either store has them.

    1. There are also jars at TJ (La Jolla)

      1. Vons et al. carry a dried tart Michigan cherry by Oceanspray that are great if you are going to cook with them. A soak before in something intoxicating or as the are if the dish contains liquid does the trick.

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          if we're going to include dried in the discussion, TJ's has great ones.

        2. I bought dried ones at Vons the other day. I think they were sunkist brand.

          1. Thanks, all! I'll check TJ first. I need to make a run to WF at some point in the next couple of weeks, so I'll check out what they have, too. I was hoping for frozen (don't really want to deal with the syrup in jars) but I'm sure the jars are fine.

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              You can find fresh sour cherries at middle eastern markets around town.