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Oct 26, 2009 11:13 AM

Little Caesar's $5 Anytime Pizza

Just stopped in and picked up one of the $5 pepperoni pizzas Little Caesar's advertises as hot and ready whenever you are <g>. It's sparse on the toppings and on the bland side, but it was fresh, just right temperature wise, and not dried out or overcooked from sitting around in a heating unit. I'd rate it as slightly better than premium frozen supermarket brands--which are likely to cost a little more--and there's no effort or waiting involved. All in all, for the price I was satisfied and even pleasantly surprised.

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  1. If you grew up in Metro Detroit in the seventies as I did, Little Caesar's is what you grew up with. It's because of that I like a nice flavorful sauce on my pizza. (I developed a taste for sauce and it grew as my tastes grew.) But the hot and ready is the pizza equivalent of a McDonald's Hamburger. It's not great pizza by any stretch of the imagination but if you have a pizza craving, don't have the cash, aren't willing to go hungry and want a fresh one, it's not a bad option.
    I wish they'd bring back their tuna boat sandwiches. The limited menu to stay alive may help them in some ways, but those sandwiches were good.

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      i remember when little caesar's was the pizza in detroit back in the 70's and early 80's in metro detroit. we ate a lot of dino's until they came out with pizzapizza. i remember it having good sauce and good cheese. and it came on the long sheet of cardboard and wrapped in a paper bag - very akward to transport in the car. and a big treat was to go to the little caesar's pizza palace restaurant on hoover just sounth of i-696. free popcorn, pitchers of pop, beer for the parents, and pinball! that said, it is all a distant memory. $5 pizza is good in a pinch for the kids, but i find it to be rather cardboardish and nothing more than something to fill the void.

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      1. We buy LC solely to support Ilich Enterprises, specifically the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers. Ya gotta eat a lot of LC to support a player making $13 million a year!

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          Eat it to support Soccer Soccer and kids making $10 a week. :)

        2. It's about the same quality, consistency and cost of generic frozen at a second rate grocery store.

          1. One of the crew gave me the receipe for the $5 pizza! Undercooked dough, cheapest tomato sauce right out of the can(and you get the assemblers choice of too little or too much sauce!) rubberized cheese, and mystery meat of your choice. A true American bargain!!!

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