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Oct 26, 2009 11:01 AM

Roberto's Ogunquit terrible

We had the displeasure of dining at Roberto's in Ogunquit Maine again. A six year span. The very worst service ever, many, many tables subjected to over an hour wait from placing orders to getting your food. Now, I hear this happens all the time there, never again.Twice burnt, do not go! Food was not worth the wait. Surly waitresses. We would have left but by the time this happened no where else would be still open. Bad experience twice. Be warned.

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  1. So you're not saying the food is bad, just that you don't think it's worth the time invested in getting it to your table?

    Isn't the point of going there to enjoy the food? A little patience and perhaps the waitresses wouldn't be so surly.

    If you want quick service, go to a fast food eatery.

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    1. re: BoNapateet

      Don't you think an hour is rather a long time? rosemar, do they give you any indication on the menu as to how long the meal will take? eg, does it say "we cook to your order"

      1. re: BoNapateet

        I think you are arguing a point that is hardly defensible. Twenty to thirty minutes is not too bad for a really nice, freshly made entree. More than twice that long? How do you enjoy it, even if it is good (and I did not get it that it was that good), when you are now in a bad frame of mind (probably fairly hungry), and have a surly waitress?

        "If you want quick service, go to a fast food eatery." I get quick service (like 15-20 minutes), without having to do that at 95% of the places I eat at.

      2. This post doesn't address whether you waited for apps, entrees, bread?? You don't address what exactly what you waited an hour for. If you say from the time you ordered you waited for an hour for your entrees, but they did bring bread, then apps in 20 minutes, we ate those in ten, then entrees in an hour, it seems reasonable. If you waited an hour for just entrees I would say that it was WAY too long and something is seriously amiss with the service/kitchen/menu. If you waited an hour for apps, you should have walked out.

        Typically, in a fine dining establishment the time between placing your order and getting your apps is 15-20 minutes. The time between apps and entrees should be 10-15 minutes. If you don't have apps and everything is cooked to order you could wait tops 35 minutes (well done meat has to be taken into account). But your post isn't quite fair as you're not specific enough regarding what you ate.

        The other factor that isn't addressed is whether they take reservations or walk-ins or both. If a place accepts walk-ins, the kitchen could conceivably get "slammed" and could never handle that. Was the place busy or slow or moderate?? You're post regarding "timing" is irrelevant if you don't address these issues.

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        1. re: bewley

          It seems that the OP said that it took one hour before they could ORDER their entrees.
          That is inexcusable. Robertos has nice food but the service there has been lousy for years. Have never ever had good service there. However, my husband took our grandkids there at 5:30 one night and he said the service was ok.

          1. re: emilief

            I didn't read it like that, the OP writes:

            "from placing orders to getting your food"