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Oct 26, 2009 10:57 AM

rocco's in new canaan

got blistered in the times yesterday.

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  1. Yeah, saw that...thought it pretty much echoed what most posters here have been saying. Good pizzas, bring the kids, not much else going for it.

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    1. re: sibeats

      I haven't read allof the posts, but I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in about the place. We went their last night because we wanted to go out with the kids and we knew it was too late to get into The Little Pub without a wait. (has everyone been there, it is good) The food is not bad, the service was friendly and it is child friendly. It serves a purpose in New Canaan. I kind of feel like people think every meal out should be the best meal, service and atmosphere they have ever experienced in their whole life. How about we all take it down a notch. Rocco's is not as horrible as many of the bloggers think it is. It is not my first choice, but I knew what to expect prior to having my first meal there. I was actually surprised considering I wouldn't eat Planet Pizza even if it were the last meal on earth.

      1. re: foodiefoodster

        <How about we all take it down a notch.>

        Umm...are you saying this to me? You said the same thing that I said in your post below...decent pizzas, bring the kids.
        I don't expect every meal to be amazing, but I don't look to go out to a place described as "not as horrible as bloggers say it is". I'll skip it, thanks.

    2. As someone who blasts PB most of the time she absolutely hit it on the nose this time. And it appears she was fair this time with her rating that matched her experience. It is hard to say this but her chicken was better than jfood's. Nice job on this one PB and too bad for New Canaan. Another good restaurant would have been a nice thing.

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      1. re: jfood

        it probably would be unfair for me to comment further as i have never visited the place but it really does nothing to even remotely entice me.

        1. re: jfood

          I agree that it is not one of New Canaan's best-not that I think New Canaan is hot restaurant spot. Besides Harvest Supper and Ching's Table what else is there? I do agree it would have been nice for New Canaan to have a hit with Rocco's, but why not accept it for what it is and take the kids for a pizza evey once in a while?

          1. re: foodiefoodster

            Aloi, Thali, Cherrystreet, Gates...should I go on? Are you new to New Canaan?

            I do like Rocco's for what it is, good pizzette, yummy crostini, nice setting, good service, nice place to take the fam, & won't break the bank.

            Probably not a good idea to ask folks to accept it for what it is though, esp. on this site.

            1. re: foodiefoodster

              "Besides Harvest Supper and Ching's Table what else is there?"

              Dems are fightin' words...jfood begs to differ, no actually jfood will totally disagree with your statement on NC restaurants. It probably has more good eating places than any other town around...

              Others you should try and compare:

              Harvest Supper - you know of and it's cousins in Stamford and Westport
              Bistro Bonne Nuit - go and try their lamb shank and then come back and let us know how it compares to LeFarm. Jfood only knows of one shank better in FFD
              Thali - Best Indian in FFD county
              Cherry Street East - Second best hamburger in FFD county
              Joes Pizza - Colony is a class by itself in FFD county but Joes is top three behind Colony
              Sushi 25 - Sister to Ching's and less fancy but just as good on the palate
              Roger Sherman Inn - Will be considered top 10 in State next year when the rankings come out
              Aloi - Could have the best Bolognese in FFD county and when she has the Osso Bucco on the menu, this could be top 10 dish in FFD county

              And for the teens and very casual - Rosies sandwiches and cakes are A-List; Tony's is a great middle of the road sandwich shop and one of the best desserts around can be found at Gelatissimo.

              Jfood dares you to come up with a list like this for any other town in FFD

              Ciao baby

              1. re: jfood

                All good suggestions, also should mention Gates...something of a New Canaan icon (just like Jfood). The food is OK (try the Belaggio sandwich or the Chop Chop Chicken salad), decent scene at the bar, solid brunch. Service there can be hit or miss, prices reasonable (on par with Rocco's).

                And best of all, it's right down the street from Gelatissimo.

                1. re: CTburgerlover

                  jfood had lunch at gates yesterday and the belaggio is his sandwich of choice. little jfood orders the cobb salad wrap on a regular basis.

                  1. re: jfood

                    i'll give gates some props. i'm usually not a fan, but we had brunch there last week and it was very good. nothing fancy, just properly cooked eggs benedict and a spicy bloody mary. no complaints.

                    1. re: LW1

                      Largely agree with jfood, all of his mentions are correct except for Gates and Joes Pizza, Gates warms up frozen food or fries veggies, neither in a yummy way and I am all about a good fried food. Secondly Rocco's is uninspired, the chicken parm looks good on paper, but in reality it is a "hot mess", apps are good, pizza average.

                      1. re: juicypig

                        Hey JP...

                        If you read jfood's choices at Gates, Bellaggio and Cobb salad wrap, you will find not hot or fried, bellagio is sliced chicken, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, basil mayo on toast and the cobb salad wrap adds onion, egg and has a ranch dressing on a flour tortilla. These are great sandwiches. NC is fortunate to have three great sandwich shops...Gates, Rosies and Tony's. It will be interesting to see how the almost opened New canaan Diner plays out.

                        And Jfood will definitely stand behind Joe's pizza, their bacon and tomato is outstanding and they roast the peppers on premises.

                        1. re: jfood

                          Agree wholeheartedly. Gates has very good sandwiches and Joe's Pizza is upper-tier in the entire area. So glad you mentioned Lorenzo's roasted peppers, and in addition to the great pizza, the wings are phenomenal...about 5 different styles from which to choose (house hot, BBQ, Traditional Buffalo, Sweet & Sour, Sesame Garlic). They also have gluten-free entrees, and to top it off, they now deliver!!!!

                          1. re: jfood

                            Usually agree with you, but going to have to stand firm here. I also eat the Cobb salad wrap at Gates, the protein comes from the freezer, they store all of their veggies in the same container as they are always tasteless or taste of onions. I have actually tried 90% of the menu there over the years and find much the same story regardless of the order. That being said. I think they have a fun bar and terrific bartender. I much prefer the sandwiches and salads/sandwichs & wraps
                            at Rosies, Lemongrass, & Cherry Street.

                            1. re: juicypig

                              Jfood will stand firm as well that he likes the two at Gates. Thanks for the head's up on frozen though.

                              Rosies does have better andwiches and when jfood goes to CSE he orders the burger whichis one of the best in FFD CTY.

                              He has yet to have success in buying anything at Lemongrass.

                              So you and he are not that far apart.

                              1. re: jfood

                                Jfood - I recently read that Rocco's is closing?? Is this really fact or just alot of hopeful talking? I see that they recently changed their chef and manager. What happened to them? I'm not so convinced that was the problem.

                                1. re: nyctfoodie

                                  Jfood would much prefer them doing as you might have stated and change the chef versus closing. They need to find their own identity and break the implicit connection to Planet Pizza and the explicit likeness to the PP food. If this is true then jfood will go back and see if there is a new beginning for Roccos. The space is quite nice, parking is pretty easy and if we can add another good restaurant to town, it has jfood vote.

                                  Thanks for the head's up. Let's try to track down the facts.


                                  1. re: jfood

                                    as much as i dislike the food there, we stopped by for a late night drink and sat at the bar. friendly atmosphere and decent wines by the glass. there were no signs of their imminent demise. if they revamp the kitchen, i'll give them another shot.

                                    1. re: LW1

                                      HERE IS THE NEWS!!!

                                      Yes there is a new chef at Rocco's. Adam Truelove, formerly of Tarry Lodge is now in the kitchen. There is hope since the pizza and pastas at TL were very good.


                                      1. re: jfood

                                        So weird, why would someone say on the other thread that they are closing? People should check their facts before posting rumors. Very irresponsible.

                                        Look forward to trying this place, have driven by many a time and always wanted to go. Have also wanted to try Tarry Lodge since moving here, and now can kill 2 birds.

                                        1. re: tonylazzeri


                                          Manage your expectation, jfood threw out his entree the other night. How can you make dark meat chicken too dry. Likewise this place is great for families with young children and granparents with young children. Not the atmosphere for a date or 2 adult couples.


                                          1. re: jfood

                                            This is for Tarry Lodge or Rocco's?

                                            1. re: tonylazzeri

                                              jfood has not been to TL for a while. Roccos the other night. The pea ravioli was pretty good but the chicken under the brick was overcooked to the point of chew and discard, even the dark meat, and many of the fingerlings were still hard in the middle.

                                              730 on a friday night atmosphere, 35-45% tables full, several families with children, a couple of tables with same sex teen-20's in the booths. None were 40-50's couples or groups.

                                              Not a place that the jfoods would be looking to go to on a friday or saturday night. others may like the atmosphere.


                  2. re: jfood

                    Okay, jfood, how about Ridgefield?

                    The Elms - both the dining room and the pub
                    Thali (same as NC!)
                    Little Pub
                    Village Pizza versus Piccolo (depends on your preference for thin vs thick crust)
                    Bailey's Backyard

                    Mr. Shane's for ice cream
                    Deborah Ann's for chocolates et al

                    and, as a bonus, Ross Breads (a bonus)

                    1. re: hungrykids

                      The Elms - Jfood thinks Brendon is one of the great chefs and people he has ever met. love that guy. Love the elms, have only eaten in the dining room
                      Bernards - Been a few years but thisplace was pretty special when jfood ate there.
                      Thali - Why would jfood want to eat in a Motel 6. No matter how good the food jfood is not taking mrs jfood or friends to this location. fortunately the one in NC is tops
                      Mr Shanes - Jfood thought this place closed so he has not tried in two summers, but he did like it other than their dark chocolate which was inedible (hard to say that about chjocolate ice cream)
                      Ross - Jfood wrote a review a few weeks ago. He did not buy the bread but a couple of pastries. Very good but not worth the drive from NC. If he does will try the bread next time

                      He has not tried the others.

                      What about Chez Lenny? Jfood hitting Super Duper Wienie for lunch today.

                      1. re: jfood

                        ok this is going to be considered sacrilege to anyone in ridgefield, but...

                        chez lenards is at least two owners post lenny at this's still the quickest and best hot dog in town, but....worth a trip to ridgefield? probably not.

                        1. re: hungrykids

                          Have any of you been to The Little Pub? Been going there with the fam for a few weeks now, and we love it.

                          1. re: CTburgerlover

                            Where is The Little Pub? What's the menu like? Details! Details!

                            1. re: wookiedoodle

                              Corner of Branchville Road (Route 102) and Route 7 in Ridgefield, just past Georgetown. Here's the early thread from when they opened this summer....and they continue to be terrific!


                            1. re: jfood

                              No. The original "lenny' sold the business after 2+ years to a guy named Michael who ran it for 15+ years (and was probably the guy you thought was Lenny). He sold it to a local guy named Chad in 1997 who ran it for many years. A year or two (or more?) ago he put it on the market and moved south...but the website says he still owns it, so I'm not sure if he came back and started running the business again or if the website was never updated. In either case, it's not Lenny's son.

                              1. re: hungrykids

                                well jfood started eating them in 1998 so he never even met owners 1 or 2. And he now enjoys super duper for his dog fix, 20 minutes to go. thanks for the input.

                                now if you could tell jfood if mr shanes is open or closed, that would be appreciated.

                                1. re: jfood

                                  oops - apparently closed... guess i haven't been there in awhile!

                                  but i still think the ridgefield list gives nc a good run for its money.

                                  1. re: jfood

                                    Mr. Shane's is closed, but the ice cream is sold at Deborah Anne's Chocolate Shop on Main Street. (but I agree, the gelato shop in NC blows away any ice cream we can get here in Ridgefield.)

                                    1. re: avasmom

                                      ANd to be fair in his NC Vs Rfield below the top 3 at both are all A-Listers.

                          2. re: hungrykids


                            When jfood read this post the first time he was waiting for his car repair so did not understand the "town challenge". So let's see how this plays out.

                            - Stonehenge vs Harvest Supper - Win for HS
                            - Bernards vs Roger Sherman - NC again
                            - Elms vs Bonne Nuit - as much as jfood loves Elms nod to BN
                            - Thali vs Thali - maybe the same food but NC hands down on atmosphere
                            - Little Pub vs Cherry St East - Never been to Little Pub but the burger at CSE is outstanding, as a gentleman, jfood will concede this point
                            - Village Pizza vs Joes - Jfood had a slice at VP if that is the place on main st years ago, so jfood gotta give Joes a win there
                            - Bailey's Backyard vs Gates or Tequila Mockingbird - never been to BB but will give you that one even with the other two as a sum
                            - Luc's vs Aloi or Chez Luis - Sorry Aloi and Luis both get the nod here
                            - Your 1 Lee family resto vs NC 2 Lee family restos - Yours was cited by you know who, Ching's is his empire's flagship, sorry but another point to NC
                            - Mr Shanes (closed) vs Gelatissimo - major win for NC
                            - Still in the dugout for NC is Aloi and Sole
                            - Ross versus Lemongrass - jfood will give you this one as well

                            Nice try but a little short for the team from R'field.

                            1. re: jfood

                              just fyi - village pizza is NOT the one on Main Street (which was Roma's but has been Planet Pizza - yuck - for some time now). Village is further north on rte 35, next to Carvel. Very good thick crust (traditional? NY style?) pizza... and Piccolo (on Prospect) is part of the Criscuolo group (includes Wilton Pizza & Pasta and Tootzy Patza) and does an outstanding thin crust.

                              1. re: hungrykids

                                Yup, it was the place pre-Planet (which is just the absolute worst, or maybe Pinochio is worse). Jfood used to eat Wilton Pizza when his poker game was in Wilton and never struck his fancy, but since you have great things to say let's take the Joe's "win" off the board. And let's pit Piccolo vs Viccola's which jfood likes but would not put up to bat in the bottom of the ninth, so piccolo gets the point.

                                NC Points - Harvest Supper, Bonne Nuit, Roger Sherman, Thali, Ching's, Gelatissimo,
                                R'field - Little Pub, Piccolo, Ross, Baily's Backyard,

                                Still in the dugout for NC is Aloi and Sole.

                                So Riidgefield has better bread, pubs and pizza, New Canaan has better High End, Indian, Asian, and Ice Cream.

                                Yup seems like Ridgefield might have come up a tad short on this one.

                                1. re: jfood

                                  i still think luc's deserves more love than is being shown here. the price/quality is great, they get the "bistro bit" and they seem pretty hip in their way of going about things. plus, every frenchman (person) i know eats there regularly.

                                  Luc's Cafe & Restaurant
                                  3 Big Shop Ln, Ridgefield, CT 06877

                                  1. re: poppy

                                    Best thing I had at Gates was the fish taco. I liked it better than the bellagio which was the old go to.

                                    1. re: nc_eater

                                      jfood has a hard time believing he could get those two words out of his mouth. Saying fish taco in that's good

                                      1. re: jfood

                                        Yeah, you won't feel like you're on the pacific coast highway or anything, but I think it's better than the chicken sando (where the main draw is the bread). They put some kind of cilantro aioli on the taco which is nice, and it is somewhat spicy.

                                        1. re: nc_eater

                                          drive to the big yellow truck and get a good one.

                                    2. re: poppy

                                      You're right. Luc's doesn't attract this correspondent's love. Not in the least. The moules frites, my personal metric for a bistro. is ordinary at best. The frites, especially ,are ho-hum. C'mon man.

                                      But aside from all that, there's a real condescending attitude. especially at the front of the house. It may be delightfully Gallic to some masochists ... but they're in Ridgefiled, CT, fcs, not the 5th arrondissement.

                                      I don't like the feeling they're doing a me a favor for dining there.

                                      Luc's Cafe & Restaurant
                                      3 Big Shop Ln, Ridgefield, CT 06877

                                      1. re: louuuuu

                                        honestly i don't know what you're talking about. all this anti - french stuff is in the eye of the beholder. whether you're in luc's or in france try exchanging a pleasantry or two before getting down to whatever your business is and see how the interaction improves. that is a large part of french culture, acting cultured.

                                        Luc's Cafe & Restaurant
                                        3 Big Shop Ln, Ridgefield, CT 06877

                                        1. re: poppy

                                          I hate the food fights on this board, so will resist the temptation to make this personal, Poppy, and will not return the favor and proffer some advice to you.

                                          Suffice it say, that it's not just me who's experienced this attitude at Luc's. Friends have also commented on it. Since I don't find it in other French places around here such as Jean Louis , perhaps it's not my alledged cultural deficiencies that invite those vibes at Lucs.

                                          And it's certainly not francophobia, but my palate that tells me the bistro fare there is less than exceptional.

                                          But chacun a son gout, ma Poppy.

                                          Luc's Cafe & Restaurant
                                          3 Big Shop Ln, Ridgefield, CT 06877

                                        2. re: louuuuu

                                          I know this is an old thread, but I don't get what people like about Luc. I love French food but the best thing I've eaten at Luc is their fries. My husband loves the rack of lamb which I find medriocre at best and I find the menu lacking. I go for him because he likes it, but I end up eating fries or gratin no matter what I order.

                                          1. re: wincountrygirl

                                            I completely agree with this. My wife and I have the same debate.

                                            1. re: wincountrygirl

                                              I love French food too. Because Luc's is just across the parking lot from my office, I popped in there frequently for lunch - at the beginning. But the food was so painfully mediocre, especially the French Onion Soup, my number one passion, that I stopped going.

                                2. re: jfood

                                  Jfood..... I will take your challenge representing Farifield, CT (the town, not the county).

                                  Best cheesesteak: Super Duper Weenie. (Oh yeah... their homemade hotdog toppings are pretty awesome on the dogs, too).
                                  Best delivery pizza: Nauti Dolphin. (get their Hot-n-Spicy-SOW and then call me). Delivery pizza is not easy... but this place pulls it off exceptionally.
                                  Best gnocchi: Liana's
                                  Best calamari linguini: Liana's
                                  Best Sushi: Fin (simple, clean, and suprisingly affordable)
                                  Best wine list: Paci. (their menu is equally awesome, too)
                                  Best quesadilla: Ole' Mole (smoked Mozzerella quesadilla). Might not be authentic, but it is authentically awesome.
                                  You say NC has the 2nd best burger? Not sure how you can claim that if you haven't eaten at Foley's Backyard Burger Pit. (OK... that's not really a restaurant, but I dare you to compare my own burger to anyones..... and I've had Cherry Street.) But seriously... if Cherry Street is 2nd... who is first????
                                  By the way... same goes for my Bolognese. None better served anywhere in CT.
                                  Best take home desserts: The Pantry.
                                  Best French Baugette: isellbe & Vincent
                                  Best "off the bone" Osso Bucco": Osianna
                                  Best Wings: Archie Moores.
                                  Best Pulled Pork / Pulled Chicken/ Black Eyed Pea Salad: Wilsons.
                                  Best Bacon, Egg, & Cheese: Country Cow (get it on a portugesse roll).
                                  Best "Staff Selection" wine selectin: Mo's Wine

                                  Super Duper Weenie
                                  306 Black Rock Tpke, Fairfield, CT 06825

                                  Nauti Dolphin
                                  1 Carter Henry Dr, Fairfield, CT 06824

                                  Paci Restaurant
                                  96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890

                                  1. re: foleyd7


                                    Great list Foleyd, but let's break it down. Jfood will not even get into SDW since he ate at the bar yesterday and as he ate his New Englander no onions he watched Gary make several Cheesesteaks and had a hard time not ordering one.

                                    But you have Pizza - Nauti Dolphin (BTW what is SOW?) - As a gentleman jfood will give you a point but Joes is great
                                    Italian - Lianas - If it is red sauce you probably win, but Tuscan you lose versus Aloi
                                    Japanese - Sin - Tough putt for you versus Plum Tree and Sushi 25
                                    Mexican - Ole Mole outcast - You win over Tequilla Mockingbird
                                    Bakery - iselbe & Vincent - NC has none except Lemongrass whichis never open
                                    Dessert - Pantry - Tie since NC has Gelattisimo
                                    Osso Bucco - Osiana, no chance better than either Aloi or Bonne Nuit
                                    Wings - Archie Moore's - NC is glad it does not have wings
                                    Q - Wilson's - NC has none but there are lots of threads on this place.

                                    Now Jfood has in his back pocket...Harvest Supper, Sole, Chez Luis, Roger Sherman, Cava. It is as close as the Phillies beating the Yanks in game 1 my dear.

                                    Nice effort though....NEXT?

                                    62 Main St Ste 4, New Canaan, CT 06840

                                    Tequilla Mockingbird
                                    6 Forest St, New Canaan, CT 06840

                                    Nauti Dolphin
                                    1 Carter Henry Dr, Fairfield, CT 06824

                                    Ole Mole
                                    3381 Post Rd, Southport, CT 06890

                                    Plum Tree Restaurant
                                    113 Dryden Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850

                                    1. re: jfood

                                      For a town of just 19,000, without a large business lunch crowd, the quality and quantity of dining in NC is pretty amazing. And you are a stones throw from Stamford's diversive ethnic eats, as well. Damn impressive. But quibble NC=Phillies. FFD=Yanks? Your NC resident Lupica did have this consolation for Mets fans having to endure the hated Yanks vs. the arch-rival Phils -- "at least one of them will lose."

                                      1. re: louuuuu

                                        Do not think NC is a Phillies town, way too many of your avatars on the back of cars. Jfood is a Mets/Dolphins fan, if truth be told.

                                        Yes, other than Indian, the "down and dirt" ethnic choices are limited, thankfully the surrounding towns fill that gap. And don't forget there are no good hot dogs in this town other than those off your own grill.

                                        Louuuuu, congrats on last night. Jfood thinks you might like Tony's for a bacon egg and cheese on a roll. Jfood understands they throw french fries or something like that in it as well. Yankee fans jfood understands are glutons (sic).

                                        1. re: jfood

                                          The"Mississippi" has fries in it. And it's good too.

                                          1. re: jfood

                                            Yes will definitely give Tony's at try. And I still have not had my Cherry Street hamburger. Maybe both next weekend.

                                            We Yankee fans may be "glutons", but not for punishment. That's the domain of another team in this area's fans. Sorry, you teed it up...

                                            Good luck on Sunday. Williams is amazing. And Ryan a blowhard like his dad.

                                        2. re: jfood

                                          While it may not push us past NC, don't forget that Ffld also has:

                                          Quattro Pazzi
                                          55 Wine Bar
                                          Cafe Lola

                                          The loss of La Colline Verte really dropped Ffld down a notch in fine dining, IMO.

                                          Wine Bar
                                          417 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

                                          Quattro Pazzi Restaurant
                                          165 Fillow St, Norwalk, CT 06850

                                          Cafe Lola
                                          57 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

                                          55 Wine Bar & Restaurant
                                          55 Miller St, Fairfield, CT 06824

                                          1. re: plien69

                                            jfood is a big fan of Barcelona, but has a hard time getting by the locationin the Hi-Ho given the times he spent there while it was a bar.

                                      2. re: jfood

                                        Where does SoNo fit in all of this?

                                      3. re: foodiefoodster

                                        Why don't more people know about ALOI? is it the location? or the prices? The chef is really nice italian lady, like from Italy and the food is pretty remarkable.

                                    2. Back to Rocco's, we ordered from there yesterday for the first time. We thought that the pizza was actually much better than Joe's Pizza. Obviously Joe's is a regular slice place and Rocco's is brick-oven, but I'm wondering why Joe's gets the props on our board when Rocco's is clearly the better quality pie?

                                      11 Replies
                                      1. re: nc_eater

                                        I've given up trying to fathom the pizza reviews on CH. I'm just chalking it up to people having a local bias to their pizza places and leaving it at that.

                                        1. re: nc_eater

                                          I've always maintained that Rocco's pizzettes are very good. I think there is a stigma (albeit unfair) because the owners also own Planet Pizza (pretty bad).

                                          Which one did you try?

                                          1. re: CTburgerlover

                                            CT, we first tried the margherita, which has diced marinated tomatoes (not sauce) and fresh mozzarella. We also got the mushroom topping. The mushrooms are awesome sauteed veggies, not the stuff out of a can that you would get a regular slice place.

                                            It was so good that the next night we tried the Nonna, which has buffalo mozz and sauce. That was good too, but I thought the margherita w mushrooms was slightly better.

                                          2. re: nc_eater

                                            pizza is a very personal thing and some pizzas within a given place differ. Last nght jfood had the margherita from Joes, and it was not to his liking at all.

                                            The bacon and tomato is his pizza of choice there.

                                            And if you really want to see some opinions on pizza in CT check out the pepes threads. Jfood not a fan.

                                            1. re: jfood

                                              Jfood, you MUST TRY Julian's in Westport. It is fantastic. Their regular pie is great, and you would love their take on Clams Casino.

                                              Also curious to hear your opinion on Coalhouse in Stamford.

                                                1. re: jfood

                                                  I disagree about Julian's...Julians makes pizza that SEEMS like good pizza at first. The whole pies are, in fairness, a lot better than the slices which are truly insipid after they've sat around awhile. But compared to even Pepe's Julians is very EHHHH...

                                                  Also want to second Fairfield as the destination for good food and at fairly affordable prices, on average. I want to add Mama Mina's to the list, best Italian restaurant in which to order food reminiscent of The Godfather, and at good prices.

                                                  Paci is a little underwhelming, and the waiters are a bit smarmy and free with their hands. I got a massage at my table from from a guy with a gleam in his eye. And the food was just OK. Lianna's is better and more fun.

                                                  Oredered the SDW cheese steak with NO MAYO and LIGHT ONIONS , dumped liberal amounts of salt and pepper on and it was, while being quite unlike a Philly steak (and I do like Jim's Steaks the best BTW, when in Philly), but the SDW product did hit the spot.

                                                  Also you guys have to try Pho Mekong in Westport. Really good Thai.

                                                  Paci Restaurant
                                                  96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890

                                                  1. re: shark_attack

                                                    That's funny, I can't stand Pepe's but I love love love Julian's...different strokes I guess!!!

                                                    Thanks for the Mama Mina's rec, will definitely try!!!

                                                    1. re: CTburgerlover

                                                      If this is the same Julian's that has an outpost on Rt25 in Newtown (maybe Tashua, next to the Starbucks) then just keep on driving. Shark Attack hit the nail right on the head.

                                                      1. re: rifkind81

                                                        Not sure, I think I read someplace that they are imports from Stratford.

                                                    2. re: shark_attack

                                                      that's hysterical.... free feelups at Paci!

                                                      Paci Restaurant
                                                      96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890