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Oct 26, 2009 10:51 AM

good breweries in LA?

we recently moved here from Chicago where there is an abundance of good beer...

i'm looking for a casual, fun bar that has a nice beer selection or is even a brewery, and also good food... for my husband's bday. if they take reservations, that's even better. we're on the westside but will drive almost anywhere.

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  1. on the Westside, both Farther's Offices and the Daily Pint all have excellent beer selections. Daily Pint doesn't have food (although their very cool about letting you bring it in and there are sometimes food trucks out front), but is a great place to go if you're into beer. Neither Father's Office locations take reservations and people love to complain about the service, but I went just last week to the FO location and didn't have to wait for a table and had excellent service (and excellent bone marrow). Note that they do not allow substitutions on any dish and don't serve ketchup so if you're beer experience will be ruine, go elsewhere.

    Further drive, but the Golden State and Blue Palms Brewhouse also have great selections of beer. Food at the Golden State is better but I've had good enough food at Blue Palms. Blue Palms might take reservations, but Golden State does not.

    The people serving beer at all these place know their stuff and love good beer.

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      is there any time that's early enough to guarantee a minimal wait at the Father's Office? (is it better to go to the Culver City one?)

      1. re: veee

        I think earlier in the week at both places is better. I mostly go to the SaMo one and I've found that late in the afternoon on the weekend is the best. But I think you'd be good at either one on a Monday or Tuesday night. I think for a date, the Culver City location is definitely better and it also has a more extensive food menu plus a full liquor license (although doesn't serve vodka).

        1. re: mollyomormon

          Oh G! I have to ask. WHY don't the serve Vodka?? Against one of Yoon's rules? Like the ketchup, it's not good enough??! Okay, reason # 50 why I won't go back there!!! LOL!

          1. re: Phurstluv

            per Sang Yoon:

            Why the exclusion of the colorless distilled beverage? “The same reason that Father’s Office serves no Budweiser and no chicken,” he responds. “They’re ubiquitous; you can get them anywhere!”

            If you know of another place where I can get bone marrow *and* a really incredible beer selection, I'm all ears!

    2. doesnt that sausage place in little tokyo downtown make thier own brews? i forget the name...i think it starts with a W.

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          Wurstkuche? They are in the arts district, I think that may be near little Tokyo, but no, they don't brew their own, but have a great selection of beers. Sausages are great too.

        2. There used to be some Gordon Biersch breweries around, one in Pasadena, back when I lived on that side of town. And they have killer garlic fries, and decent food.

          Also, in Pasadena was Crown City brewery, on Arroyo parkway, I think. I'm not a beer nut, but my husband is and seemed to like both places for the beer.