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williams sonoma sale?

last year williams sonoma had a 20% friends and family sale- does anyone know if this is annual? I have my eye on the 4 quart all clad pan and I would rather wait for the sale so for an additional discount.


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  1. Are you near a WS outlet? They'll often have AC open stock on sale..

    1. Last time I was in the store, I was told they were having one before the holidays, but wasn't given a specific date.

      1. I believe the sale you are referring to was a first time for WS. It was everything in the store, including electronics (that rarely, if ever, go on sale). I would think if the economy remains as it is for the foreseeable future, they will have the sale again.

        1. I have to drive over an hour to get to a WS store, but would make the drive/day of it if I knew they were doing that. Will you post?

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            I would make the drive to a WS store, because I want to buy some more Apilco pces to match the dinnerware I bought. When do you think they'll have a sale again?

          2. I just want to say a Williams Sonoma sale is often more expensive than typical Amazon.com price, not to mention eBay.

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              Well, good part of Amazon is that you do not deal with tax, but Williams Sonoma OUTLET sale sometimes beats even Amazon. I saw a lot of Le Creuset are on eBAY. Many of them are obviously "Second Quality" with orange label surface, but the sellers rarely say it is "Second Quality". Therefore, I always ask them if it is first or second. Anyway, I have no complain if I pay a "Second" price for a "Second Quality" and the defect are minor and not related with performance.

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                Yeah, tax is certainly one thing, but I was not referring that. Often Williams Sonoma has a higher price point to start with. Let's take this 12" Lodge skillet for example:

                Williams Sonoma is $32.95

                Amazon.com is $18.97:

                I am sure sometime Williams Sonoma sale beats Amazon.com, but sometime a Williams Sonoma sale is still expensive. This is not to mention stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx.... and of course eBay.

            2. sorry to cause confusion. Last year (as it turns out- it was the 4 days prior to christmas) williams sonoma had a 20% off of everything sale. While I agree that that's still not always less expensive than amazon or the outlet (which is not close by for me) there are certain items that are standard price everywhere - so I thought I'd wait it out for the sale.

              If i hear of anything i will certainly post! and hopefully i can get to an outlet before then- but it's quite far.

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                You are right. I was just being an idiot. I will say most of the prices are standard and there are only a few exceptions. Thanks.