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Oct 26, 2009 10:37 AM

Anything I can do about bitterness?

I've made a stew and have just discovered the courgettes I used are bitter, giving the whole thing a slightly bitter aftertaste. Anything I can do to counter/remove it, or is it a lost cause? I'm really hoping someone's going to give me a magic solution here because there's nothing else to eat in the house.

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  1. the easy answer is a little sugar or honey, but it's difficult to make suggestions without knowing any of the other ingredients in the stew...

    1. Easy answer is to remove the courgettes. If that's not possible since they are too cooked into the stew, then maybe adding some additional flavorings would help? More herbs, more 'tangy' ingredients ie. olives, capers, hot peppers, red wine/balsamic vinegar or just lots more salt and pepper. I know I add potatoes when something is over-salted and it takes it away, maybe this will also help? More starch?

      Regardless it sounds like this was an older courgette. Some people say that you shouldn't eat an overly bitter zucchini/courgette because it can make you ill, but I guess bitterness is pretty subjective for everyone. I'd use common sense if it's really inedible, toss it.

      1. slow cooked carrots in a stew can make things sweet. Kolhrabi (make sure it's not too old and bitter) can even out the bitterness, too.

        1. Thanks. The courgettes were practically disintegrated so couldn't remove them. I added a bit of honey and lemon. It didn't remove it completely, but it was at least edible. And yes, they were old courgettes. But they didn't make us ill.