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Oct 26, 2009 10:36 AM

Are all Dunkin Donut stores kosher? Or must they have a hechsher?


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  1. There are only a few around the country that are completely kosher. One such location is in Chicago, which happens to be the very first kosher Dunkin donuts in the world, getting their hashgacha from the cRc over 25 years ago!
    There are many items and procedures at an average Dunkin Donuts that present kashrus problems. Having meat at most of them only complicates matters, but even without meat, there could still be problems.

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    1. re: chicago maven

      I is my understanding that the reason the Kosher Dunkin Donuts in New Haven, CT lost its hecksher (this goes back some time) was not from the ingredients in the donuts etc, but that as part of the cooking process they lined the oven, or other cooking surface with lard, or some other cooking agent that was not kosher.

      1. re: chicago maven

        Are you sure that Chicago is the first. The one in the Five Towns (Lawrence NY) has a Hechsher for about 30 years. I can't go to JFK on my way home to Israel without picking up 2 dozen

        1. re: sja

          No doubt that the Chicago location was the first entire Dunkin Donuts store to be certified kosher. It has actually been around 29 or 30 years now. Whoever it was, it has certainly made a difference in their business.

          1. re: chicago maven

            The Dunkin Donuts outside Cambridge/Boston was Kosher when I was a young student at MIT in 1950. The chain was founded in Canton, MA in 1950. Many young Jews made the drive there for that reason. Much more recently there was a Kosher DD on Pico in the orthodox Jewish section of Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, but it closed about 5 years ago for reasons not known to me. I think it may have been the first one in Los Angeles.

      2. As I understand it they must have a hechsher to get any prepared food there - in some area you can get the doughnuts because they are made at a central facility and the facility is under supervision so you will need to check -

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        1. re: weinstein5

          i believe all donut dough (pre baked) is kosher certified. That is why they have a uniform taste whether you buy them in NY or PA. However, since they bake other items such as items with bacon etc in their ovens, a actual store needs certification.

          1. re: koshergourmetmart

            Actually, some stores, especially some of the older ones, make their donuts from scratch with a dry mix while others stores buy them pre-made. As you said, while they may be under hashgacha, they are all bake-off, which means they need to be finished cooking in an oven or fryer. One would then need to be sure that the oven and/or is not used for anything that is not kosher. The same is true with bagels at all Dunkin Donut stores.

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              the mix for most of the donuts is kosher, like a duncan heins cake mix is kosher, but it has to be baked in a kosher store. In some large cities (like here in NY) there are central dunkin donuts baking facilities that some shops use and a fraction of those are kosher, but mostly its the stores with the kosher supervision that get the donuts from there. its a tricky situation and there is pretty much no way around needing to get the donuts from a kosher supervised location.

              1. re: UWSFoodie

                The store will not be Kosher if it is open on Shabbos, even if the food and coffee are. A prime example is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, with all Kosher baked goods and other food.

                1. re: sternlight

                  Untrue . . . the Dunkin Donuts in KGH is kosher and open on shabbos. There is a sign on the front window that you must wait 45 minutes after shabbos to purchase from there.

                  1. re: sternlight

                    The 5 towns DD is kosher and is open on shabbos.

            2. only select dunkin donuts stores are certified kosher. there is one on 34th street in manhattan (near stern college) that is kosher, and one on avenue j in brooklyn. i'm sure there are more, as well.

              1. The Dunkin Donuts on Ten and Greenfield in Oak Park Mi is kosher. it's about a half mile from a 7 11 that sell Kosher slurpies.

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                1. re: syrup09

                  In riverdale bronx,new york they are Kosher but don't state it the problem is I want a sausage and cheese egg sandwich which is advertised as in all stores is that not false advertisement.

                  1. re: savageone

                    The way they resolve that here in SKokie and Chicago is the sausage and bacon the veggie variety

                    1. re: savageone

                      Hard to understand your one-sentence run on, but it seems you are saying your problem is that the Dunkin Donuts location near you is a kosher one. I guess if you want a treif sandwich, you'll have to go to another DD. They really are all over the place. Much easier to find than kosher ones, in fact.
                      If you are looking for a treif DD, I'm sure the DD website will be able to point you in the right direction. And why you felt the need to ask about this on the kosher board, I don't really get.

                      I can't imagine the ad says "in all stores." There are any number of DD locations that don't carry everything that other locations carry.

                      1. re: queenscook

                        In fact, every ad most likely says "price and participation may vary", "in participating stores", or something like that.

                        And just to help you out, there are 2 dunkin donuts within 1 mile of riverdale. One is kosher and the second is not and features the full menu, including your sausage sandwich. 5987 Broadway if you were curious.

                      2. re: savageone

                        I think that what you're trying to question is whether the one at 259th and Riverdale Ave (that's the Kosher one, it's attached to a Baskin Robins) is committing false advertising for advertising sausage egg and cheese, etc. In the store, at least, they're pretty clear about it being veggie sausage egg and cheese.

                    2. There are several kosher ones on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Other than that I think you have to stick to coffee at the non kosher ones

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