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ISO farro?

Anyone know where I can find farro? Does WF carry it?

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  1. I'm 95% sure I saw it at J Pace & Sons in Saugus the other day.

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      Anyplace closer to Newton? - - sorry, I should have specified in my OP

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        At least some WF's carry it. $6/bag, or so I believe.

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            It's in the pasta section but it's hard to find. I don't know if it's pearled or not. I picked up some whold grain when I was at the Chelsea Market in NYC a couple of weeks ago and it looks different from the WF stuff. Haven't tried it yet. They had farro-based pasta there as well. Haven't sampled that yet, either.

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          I have bought it at both of the WF stores in Newton.

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            A late response, but for future reference, in Newton: Marty's on Washington Street next to the Whole Foods. (Haven't looked for it in a while, though, so I'd call before making a special trip.)

        2. I have bought it at the WF in Cambridgeport.

          And at Formaggio.

          1. Fresh Pond Whole Foods carries it, though it's very expensive. Polcari's in the North End has it in bulk for much cheaper, but it cooks up a bit differently.

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              I'm looking for the whole grain, not pearled (or "semi-pearled"). If they cook up differently, I'm assuming that one is pearled....how are they different (cooking times, texture)? Thanks.......

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                The semi-pearled stuff (I've never seen any farro that was described as just "pearled") takes about half as long to cook (20+mins) as the non-pearled stuff, and is somewhat more tender than the whole stuff, but still quite chewy. I get mine at Capone's in Somerville, but that's far from Newton.

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                  The Whole Foods one (it's the one in the brick mentioned below by Gretchen) cooks in around 20 minutes and has a rougher look to it when cooked. The stuff from Pocari's took longer to cook and was very smooth and chewy when cooked. Not sure that I'm describing this very well. But my guess is that the WF stuff is semi-pearled and Polcari's is not. I have to say, I sort of preferred the texture of the WF stuff. Not sure I preferred it enough to spend $8 per package, though.

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                    Thanks for all the recs and info. I ended up getting it at WF. The packaging claims whole grain. I cooked it up in about 30-40 minutes. Used the farro porridge w/coconut milk/mangoes I saw here on Chowhound. It was great! It seemed like a whole grain to me...not cracked or pearled.

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                      The brand sold at WF is the same brand that I first bought in a small town in Tuscany 6 years ago.

                2. I've been buying and enjoying farro from WF for awhile. It's in a shrink-wrapped brick shape, sometimes in the pasta section, sometimes in the grain section, and $7.99 for 500g.

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                      Is it any cheaper there than WF?
                      I've contemplated buying it a couple of times, but always shied away from the hefty pricetag.

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                        Yeah, it was a bit pricey......but the way I look at it, I wouldn't think twice about buying a bottle of wine for $7 (well, I might think twice since it may not be so good!), so why not buy a bag of grain that is WAY better for me and that I'll get several meals out of.......

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                          I haven't bought it in a couple of years, but my memory was that the prices were in line with Harvest's other bulk grains... i.e., cheap.

                      2. Formaggio in Cambridge carries farro.

                        Formaggio Kitchen
                        244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

                        1. Salem Food Store on Moody in Waltham had pearled and semi-pearled farro for $7.99/bag.

                          I stopped in for some inspiration for something quick to go with a red sauce, and noticed that they also have thin pounded chicken or veal cutlets. Made a nice quick stuffed chicken breast without too much time and effort amidst the holiday cooking.