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Oct 26, 2009 10:26 AM

Le Sorelle,Sundays and Chocolatiers

Anyone have feedback on Le Sorelle near the Spanish Steps in Rome? I have heard that the food excellent.
And am also looking for a great place to eat near the Spanish Steps that is not too touristy on Sunday evening, couldn't tell from Le S's website if they were open on Sunday evenings but am open to other suggestions. Will actually be at the Galleria Borghese until closing time and will want to go to a great restaurant after that.

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  1. Sunday is tough in central business district of Rome - I think La Campana , which is in that general area, is open for Sunday dinner - we just had Sunday lunch there last week but you should check about dinner.

    there have been other posts about sunday night dining - maybe about places nearer the galleria borghese than the Spanish Steps/La Campana, so do a search