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Restaurant Gift Certificates from Costco

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I was at Costco this weekend and they had restaurant gift certificates at a reduced price. They were all $79.99 but it's $100 value. Included were two $50 gift cards for Lumiere and DB Bistro. The other set was for Provence.

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  1. Wow! Great tip.

    1. Perfect tip - just added to my Christmas list. Thanks!

      1. In Edmonton the certificates are for La Boheme. And I think they're still offering Jubilations? Not as nice as Vancouver's offers!

        La Boheme
        6427 - 112 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5W 0N9, CA

        1. The Calgary South Costco also has certificates that can be used at either Belgo or Chicago Chophouse.

          Chicago Chophouse
          604 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1G5, CA

          1. They have them for the Glowbal restaurant group as well...

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            1. re: selena03

              Sold out of the Glowbal gcs at Costco in Richmond :(

              1. re: KGill

                That's too bad...I saw them at the Downtown Vancouver store but I guess it's a popular item maybe call before going if you decide to make the trek.....

            2. Just a tip - I got a La Boheme gift certificate from Costco, and when I booked a room, they quoted us one price over the phone and when we presented the certificate for payment, they informed us that the price of the room was higher when using that certificate. I was very polite, but a little confused, because this seemed strange to me. They were kind and offered to split the difference even though I didn't ask and was prepared to pay the new, higher price.

              So, with these particular certificates, it's not really a discount. Not sure if the price of one's meal changes if using the certificate as we didn't eat there, so this might still be a deal...

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              1. re: SeitansMinion

                I would have told them give me the quoted phone price and I would have returned the gift certificate to Costco. Bait and switch comes to mind. They must have thought you were pretty stupid.

                1. re: monku

                  I wouldn't say that they thought I was stupid, necessarily... the couple that owns the place are really nice and I'm sure the price difference was just a regrettable decision on their part that I'm sure has turned more than one person off. I had no interest in making a scene because we had received the certificate as a Christmas gift and were using it for a romantic in-town staycation. I didn't want the price difference to start our lovely night off badly, sometimes money isn't worth it.

                  1. re: SeitansMinion

                    It doesn't matter if it was a regrettable decision on their part, the point is they made the decision and they should honor it. That indeed sounds like a case of bait and switch. What it the point of buying the certificate at Costco for a reduced price, then?

                2. re: SeitansMinion

                  That's one thing that Costco is really good at - they would have no problem with taking back a return. I bet if you told them about your experience they would have a talk with La Boheme too.

                  La Boheme
                  6427 - 112 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5W 0N9, CA

                  1. re: anonymoose

                    A note for Vancouverites: Lumiere and dbBistro are honouring the Gift Certificate's face value (eg. $100)...so no bait and switch here.

                    1. re: fmed

                      A weird thing about the Lumiere/DB Bistro gift cards - they come in a card holder that lists the US locations for Boulud restaurants, but not the ones in Vancouver. I was planning to give them as gifts, but will need to find some sort of brochure to let the receipient know that the cards can be used at Lumiere and DB Bistro.

                      1. re: KGill

                        I contacted Lumiere's sommelier and he confirmed that these cards can indeed be used here in Vancouver. Perhaps the restaurant can help you out? Maybe attach a business card or something like that to it.

                        1. re: fmed

                          Thanks, Fmed - I was thinking that I'd need to give them a call. If I'm in the area, I hope to pick up a brochure/menu/business card to include with the gift certificate. Kinda weird that they're for sale in Vancouver, but don't reference the local restaurants that are part of the 'family'. I believe Lumiere and DB Bistro are mentioned on the package that's available on the shelf at Costco, but you trade it in for the gift cards themselves at Customer Service. Still a good deal, though.

                  2. re: SeitansMinion

                    That's atrocious. Email La Boheme a link to this thread and see what they do. Inform them that when one Googles "La Boheme Edmonton Gift Certificate" that this particular thread is now number one and number 7 when you Google "La Boheme Edmonton".