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Kolaches in MSP/St. Paul

Hi everyone,

I am new to this board so this may have been discussed previously and I may just be missing it...but I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get kolaches around the Twin Cities area. My family grew up on them and I was hoping to bring some to an upcoming family gathering.

Thanks for any info you might have!

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  1. I never heard of these before, but I am thinking that Kramarczuk's may be a good place to start


    Also a quick Wiki search revealed the Kolache capital of the world in is Minnesota. Go figure


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      Thanks! I had actually forgotten that Kramarczuk had pastries...for some reason I only remembered them having meats/cheese type products...

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        I do think I have seen kolaches at Kramarczuks. (Not sure who made them or where they were from but I did see them there.) A few varieties.

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          K'czuks bakes their own in house. My fav is the cream cheese.


      2. http://www.daubesbakery.com/

        Daubes Bakery in Rochester has awesome kolaches.

        1. seconding kramarczuk's, but would add that this time of year is also really great for scoring goodies at church bake sales, and there are good home made kolaches at a lot of ethnic churches, particularly in nordeast (NE mpls). don't forget to report back where you found the best kolaches!

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            I confess, I don't think I have ever even had one, but my Dad gets all dreamy when he recalls the prune kolaches from when he was a kid. i have to see what all the fuss is about! :)

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              One of the most fun I've had as a dad is sharing my food favorites with my kids. Even more fun is seeing them embrace my foodie passions. Go get some kolachie today!

          2. You may want to wade through this thread on kolache:


            1. The answer up until a couple of years ago, was Blackie's *wipes tear from eye*. Now? Dunno. I'm eating Mexican pastries from Durango Bakery on Central.

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                  shoo bee doo, I realize it's been awhile, but I haven't been back to Jarabek's since the ownership change awhile back. Are the kolaches still as good?


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                    Wow. I didn't know there had been an ownership change at Jerabek's Always went to them for a poppyseed pastry that was baked in a U-shape. Can't remember what it was called but it was great.

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                        Hmmm. So has anyone been back there to see how it is faring with the new owners?

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                          I haven't (shameful, really, I can't believe it's been 2 years). That's why I was wondering if shoo bee doo has...


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                            No, I haven't been to Jerabeks for a few years either. I don't really know if they have the kolaches anymore.

                2. frankies bakery in montgomery has the best! i just had a raspberry one for breakfast! :D

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                  1. Check out the poppyseed kolaches at Byerlies. Just like my Slovak gramma made at Christmas. They also sell a wallnut Potica out of the freezer case, In NJ we referred to these layered pastries as kolache.