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Oct 26, 2009 09:41 AM

Umbria Prime in Boston? Anyone been there?

My Hubby and I are thinking of going for our Wedding Aniversary...anyone have any feedback or reccomendations to share that might help us make our decision.


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  1. if your husband likes steak, they have a Wagyu ribeye which is not bad

    1. Haven't been back since the "Prime" makeover. I thought Umbria was briefly interesting when Marisa Iocco was in the kitchen, but not after that. That first-floor restaurant space has always felt like a shoddy afterthought in what is primarily a nightclub setting.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        just very confused the menu has niman ranch and meyer on website but than it says we use all cab angus has anyone been. need a good steak working in boston tonight

        1. re: OLDCHEF

          get the steak frites at the bar @ sel de la terre.

      2. For awhile my friend bartended there so every monday for like 3 months I would go there and order something new from the menu. I'm sad to say I never found anything I enjoyed. I actually think its not very good at all. I only continued to go back for the drinks that my friend was making for me and i would try a new dish in hopes of finding something that was actually good.

        1. how long ago did they add the PRIME?

          i always thought umbria was a place to smoke newports outside of when you want to be seen smoking.