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Oct 26, 2009 09:41 AM

Dinner and/or drinks - Pre Concert at Madison Square Garden

Looking for some help. I will be in town for the Phish concerts at MSG on 12/4. I am either going to Babbo or Le bernardin for dinner on Thursday. Going to hit up Spotted Pig for lunch on Friday, but want some place fun, with good beer to go before the show at MSG. Any help you can give is appreciated.

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  1. Stout is your best bet. popular bar with lots of good beer and tasty food. less than a block from the garden.

    see you at the show.

      1. Ginger man is really great. It's a beer bar so they have tons of different kinds on tap- and a special deal where for $15 you can pick 4 different ones which they serve you in mini pint glasses. The food is really nice too and it's a good atmosphere. A bit further from the garden than Stout, but definitely worth the walk.

        1. Nothing wrong with any of the previous three suggestions. But you may want to consider Rattle-n-Hum. They have around 40 taps of mostly beers you've never heard of. Food's okay, but it's really about the beer. It doesn't tend to get as crowded as any of the other three suggestions.

          1. here is my standard pre-msg list. all of these bars are within a few blocks, and likely will be packed. see ya at the shows ;-)

            Stout (huge bar, good beer selection, lots of rooms, food-burgers and such, gets very crowded but can always get a table w/ a wait if there is one.

            Mustang Harry's (& sally's) i like them, low key, good bar food

            Harringtons (i think it gets really loud at the bar)

            Local (frattier ( i guess for lack of a better term) bar atmosphere, & typical bar food, smallish too)

            Tir Na Nog (irish pub, not very large)

            keens - you can got to the pub side, get great food

            nick & stef's (steakhouse in MSG, good wine selection, good for nicer scene/apps, don't care for the steak so much)

            7 (trendier lounge-if it's still there)

            a few blarney rock/stones
            oh, and brother jimmies (eh ick )