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Log Barn 1912 - Calgary

There's a funny log barn structure on the corner of 14th St NW and 16th Ave (across from North Hill Mall) where a travel agency used to be. It's called Log Barn 1912 and as far as I can tell sells sausages and pies. On Sunday it looked closed.

Its website - http://www.logbarn.ca/ - doesn't say much about where its products are from or made

Anyone been here? Know more about it?

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  1. Ahh, the "drive through pie" place. I've been curious about this pace as well, though looking around at their website and then doing a quick google does not look promising. Granted, I haven't been there in person yet and you can't always believe everything you read on the internet, but when the second google link comes up as a warning about the company (with purported corroboration from a former employee), I don't think I'll be in any rush.


    Not to mention the fact that for a company who's slogan is "Reclaiming our Heritage" (the wording of which gives me a bad vibe all on its own), they sure have a lot of plastic imported junk in their Giftware section...hmmm, I wouldn't hold out much hope on any of the food products being great.

    However, as I said...I haven't been there in person yet, so I'd be happy to hear otherwise.

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      Well, since you haven't even been there, you are right, I wouldn't believe everything I read on the internet especially if it comes from a past employee.

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        Wow I'm gonna check this place out next time I'm in the area just to see for myself. I'll let CH know of my findings soon.

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          Wow that post on ripoff could be considered libelous.

        2. Having looked at the website, I am sure we went to the Armstrong, BC location in the early fall a few years ago. I think (I may be wrong) the family that owns it are Mennonites. Delicious homemade pies and the one in Armstrong had tons of fresh BC fruit. Also the tourist drawing card there was a contraption where you could feed goats, and they spin some kind of wheel to get their feed.

          To be honest, I don't remember what else they had besides sausage, pies, jams, cheeses and homemade baking and the fruit. It was a fun, kitchsy, but touristy place.

          1. "Log Barn 1912 is a return to the pioneer spirit that built our great nation, of which strives to provide healthy and nostalgic experience."

            Is "the great nation" Japan?

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            1. We stopped by the Armstrong location on our way back from Kelowna this past September and picked up some fruit and a still-warm freshly baked peach pie. The pie was mouth-wateringly delicious, as were the fruit, but it was definitely on the expensive side, especially considering the fruit was grown in the area.

              The owner did tell me they were planning on opening up a location across from North Hill Mall, but I didn't think it was going to be up and running already. I'll check out the new location - good thing it's not a far walk from the C-Train station.

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                It looks like an installation of kitsch.
                Non-perishibles are stocked - but it is not yet open

              2. Oh yes! the goat place from Armstrong BC!
                From our travels through there, yes - run by pretty devout Mennonites, lots of products (yes, adds to kitschyness), but locally made, homemade pies (pretty good - we thought good price for the size & quality), homemade sausages (we bought a few links - I think it was no preservatives, etc). And they definitely were the ones opening another location in Calgary. Their location in Armstrong was a complete tourist attraction (produce was a little on the expensive side), but who's the say they won't be competitve in Calgary's market. Will have to check this location out and see.

                1. We have stopped off at the Log Barn in Armstrong for the past few summers, I chatted up the owner on our last visit and here is what I know:

                  - The "mennonite sausage" is all natural and has no preservatives or additives; it has apparently won "worlds best sausage" contests in Germany for a few years running (perhaps where this family is from?). I was told that all their meat is made themselves, so I guess that explains why the quality is so high. It is pricy, but personally I would rather pay the extra buck to avoid having chemicals in my food.

                  - The pies are made by hand each morning using fruit grown in the Okanagan, we have had their apple, peach and pumpkin and they are by far the best part of our trip through the Okanagan. Good news, they will also take requests if you have a favourite flavour!

                  - This year I had some of their amazing cheese, I am not sure they are affiliated with Armstrong cheese, but it was really good. I regret not bringing some back home with us.

                  - The family that runs the business is mennonite, from what I can tell they seem to be pretty decent. I have read the rip-off report, and like I said we have been going there for a few years now, and I just don't see it. Usually you can tell when a business is "shifty", but they seem pretty legit to me, however that is just my take on things after seeing the business and meeting the staff and owners.

                  From what I was told on our last pass through the Armstrong location is that the Calgary store is opening up the first week of November. They will have a drive-thru where you can order hot pie, sausage buns, coffee, etc...

                  It's actually a pretty cool looking place. I know I would like having the pies and sausage closer to home... I'm just not sure if my waistline can handle the strain!


                  Oh BTW, you can see photo's of the Calgary store on Flickr:

                  1. Picked up some stuff on the way back from kelowna this summer. Pies are amazing, sausages are the German/eastern european style as opposed to British style and were so good. Strawberry jam with almonds was amazing too. Good stuff, but definitely on the expensive side.

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                      I see that they are finally open for business. We plan on stopping by this weekend for some pie and sausage buns. I agree they are pricy, but so long as I get what I am paying for I don't mind too much. Maybe the extra dollars pays for the goat boxing? I have some pent up rage that needs unleashing!

                    2. This looks interesting. I think I'll have to stop by and give a report when I get back.

                      1. OKAY! *rubs hands together* Farnes and that ripoff report inspired me. I just HAD to check this out and today I went and plunked down quite a bit on a wide variety of products at the Calgary location. It was extremely touristy but interesting. Here is my report:

                        Sausage in a bun: I was hungry so I got one. It was okay. The bun could have been better but the honey mustard was great. Unfortunately it was very windy and it really needs some kind of lid... the less said the better. Let's just say I took a shower when I got home. But it's my own fault really... ahah.

                        Cheese: They have mild Gouda and smoked Gouda. It's cheese. I liked it and the price was okay.

                        Sausage: The sausage is quite nice and boasts that it's free of preservatives. I'm not a huge sausage fan but my mother says it's good. Definitely goes well with the honey mustard.

                        Pie: THIS WAS GREAT! Farnes, this pie did NOT come from CostCo. It was 13.95 and worth every penny. They only had apricot and there was only four of those, but fortunately I love apricot. I cannot say enough good things about this pie and I know good pies. Delicious!

                        Salt Water Taffy: I like it. I'm a huge fan of the Nut Man's taffy and this was similar but different. Far saltier... I think I like it better. Certainly worth a try.

                        I also got Antipasto, although that says Urban Kitchen so it might not be their product. And I got same apple syrup but I'm saving that for pancakes so I can't tell you if it's good or not.

                        Overall report: Everyone wait a week or two before going. There were several empty cases including an empty cooler so I'm sure a LOT of their products have not arrived. There are very few pies at the moment and I suspect they're going to run out. Maybe call ahead to see what they have? Things seem a bit disorganized at the moment and prices are not up for many things. However, I would definitely recommend going when the opening pains have died down. Most of the food you could get equivalents elsewhere but the pie was SUPERB. Enjoy!

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                          Good report, thanks for giving us some facts to counter the controversy.

                          1. We've had to remove a number of angry / off-topic replies from this thread. We'd ask that people keep the conversation friendly and focused, or we'll be forced to lock or remove the thread.

                            1. **UPDATE**

                              I went down again to get another pie... it was a really good pie... and it looks like this place has all their stuff together. There were many different flavors of pies available and I'm going to be trying their rhubarb tonight. I decided to get a few other things I hadn't tried, namely the jalapeno pepperoni and the almond roca. The pepperoni isn't that hot but it's very tasty, has more flavor than the usual stuff I buy at Safeway. The almond roca is great although I freely admit I've never encountered almond roca I didn't like. XD

                              Those empty cases I noticed before have been filled with fresh produce. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, potatoes... unfortunately I had plenty at home so I didn't get any of that.

                              Other than that, I checked out the rest of their stuff... they have the most amazing assortment of kitsh I've ever seen. My grandma would love it. The only things that really interested me were what looked like a wine bottle holder shaped to look like barrels with bunches of grapes between them and a wooden motorcycle. But that interested me because I play WoW and give that thing a "pwnd" license plate and a paint job and it would be a dead ringer. I might have to do that sometime when I'm very bored. Anyway, have fun!

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                                We had blueberry pie from the Calgary location...it was warm when we brought it home it was.....the best pie I have had in Calgary. All the other pies were frozen ready to bake, and my husband only got the blueberry because it was warm...but it was fantastic.

                                Bought sausage and Gouda but haven't got to that yet. Ohhh also bought the rootbeer, vanilla, and black cherry cola...they are from the states but they were okay.

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                                  Made a stop in the Calgary location as it was convenient and I was really hoping for meat pies but alas I was disappointed. For some reason the outside decor screams to me meat pies not fruit pies. Oh well, had a sausage on a bun and a slice of apple pie. Apple pie was decent but not earth shattering and sausage was plain average. Their recommendations of sauerkraut and honey mustard was a little too sweet and the sausage wasn't salty enough to compensate.

                                  Might go back for the pie in the future as the good pie situation in Calgary is pretty bad so it really doesn't take much to push the bar....

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                                  AriaDream has done a great job of keeping us all informed; I thought I would just add a little update from my last visit.

                                  We have gone to the store a few times and especially enjoyed their sausage, cheese (smoked gouda), and pies. We have used the drive thru a couple times, but we prefer to go inside and look around. I have to say that the décor is amazing and it feels very welcoming (especially during those frozen Calgary snow storms!). On our last visit we purchased their garlic sausage, gouda cheese, pickled asparagus; and a of course a pie, this was a delightful treat! The scents inside store are so enticing, I had to take home some of their bread and a cinnamon bun that had just come out of the oven…very decadent!

                                  I have to agree with most people, that the pies are amazing, we took home a pecan pie and it was probably the best I have had. I usually eat only a little of pecan pie due to it being very rich, but I found their pecan pie light enough that I could enjoy good helping of it and the flavour was….mmm…just thinking about it makes me want another piece!

                                  Well, I have some good news, for everyone! I enjoy a good Tourtiere, so on my last visit I asked why there were no meat pies for sale, I was informed that presently their focus was on fruit and seasonal pies, however meat pies were going to available after the holidays! So it looks like we can expect some new additions to their existing selection of pies over the cold Calgary winter. If they make their meat pies as good as their other pies, I think I may have just found my favourite snack stop!

                                  Eat responsibly,


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                                    Oh wow, that's wonderful news! What I like best about their fruit pies is how they've nailed the crust perfectly. That same crust on a meat pie would be great! Thanks for the news.

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                                      I picked up a cherry pie on the weekend. It was still warm and they packaged it up in a nice sturdy box with an opening,so that the steam didn't ruin it. I had thought that $14.95 was a little pricey but it was worth it. It was packed full of filling and the crust was flakey and light. The edges appeared hand crimped, not machine. We ended up with 6 large sized slices and probably could have squeezed out 8 average if need be. It would be a nice thing to bring to a potluck or BBQ for a busy non-baker!

                                      I tried the pepperoni sticks too for $1.95. Meh...Ok but not dry enough for me. I ordered honey/garlic and was pretty sure I was given jalapeno (or the batches were mixed up). I won't be buying them again.

                                      ps - i saw no meat pies that I recall

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                                        I've been to this place. I think their pies are reasonable. A step above safeway for sure, but I have a very hard time believing they are made at the shop, and perhaps not even Calgary. If it weren't for their marketing that would be forgiveable, but they really lay on the handmade crafting elements of the salepitch, and it rings deeply inauthentic. Still, as TSAW says, a good choice for non-bakers.

                                        I also think the sausages are bad. I have had better at several polish delis and also homemade. Bland, smokeless, nothing to recommend about its texture, and if you buy the sausage in a bun they cut it in half before reheating it - a sausage sin. The only award this sausage could win is in my screenname.

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                                          Is it the type of sausage that can be eaten cold (eg. ham garlic sausage you buy from Polish delis) or sausage that needs to be cooked (preferably fried or grilled), which is what Mennonite sausage requires before eating?

                                          BTW, Mennonite sausage is basically pork, salt and pepper, and nitrate, and then smoked. The various differences in Mennonite sausage from different places (eg. Ardrossan (sold at Strathcona Farmer's Market), Coaldale, Linden in Alberta; Altona or Winkler in Manitoba; Fraser Valley region in BC) are from the quality of the meat (lean versus cheap fatty cuts), spice mix, thin or thick casing, and they don't usually don't put fillers in. Having not seen or eaten Log Barn's sausages, I'd be curious to know the location of where their sausages are made, and where they get their pork from.

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                                            The sausage was hot, but it was the type that could be eaten cold. They have a few different kinds of sausage for sale in their cooler, some are fine to eat cold and at least one must be cooked. I had a taster of the sausage that had to be cooked, and that was why I opted to go w/the sausage in the bun instead.

                                            Their pies are reasonable, but not the best I've had. Their sausage just makes me sad. My guess about the reason for this poor quality is low quality pork, something that is depressingly common throughout Alberta. Personally I would smoke it more aggressively and grind for a different texture, but those were not the biggest flaws.

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                                            I just tried a few of their pies and had a nice chat with the sales lady. I suspect that their pies are made in BC and shipped frozen to Calgary to be baked. The taste is pretty good if they are made that way. Love their peach and cherry, I think I got the apple on an off day. The cinnamon was only on the top and not throughout the pie. And the bottom was soggy.

                                            Will try their sausage on my hike this weekend. Could pass on the kitsch though.

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                                              I agree, the apple is not the best flavor... my personal favorite is the rhubarb or rhubarb-strawberry. :) Cherry is amazing too.

                                              The kitsch does seem to be out of control, doesn't it? It looks like my granny's house... only worse. To be fair, I did buy a very nice purse there. It's quite pretty. So I suppose I'm supporting the clutter.

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                                                Gee, I was just in the Okanagan and bought some stuff at their BC location.

                                                Didn't get a pie - already had one from a place called Davison Orchards in Vernon that was AMAZING.

                                                Tried the sausage, thought it was excellent.

                                                Bought some fruit there, BC cherries are always amazing.