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Over Easy Breakfast - Calgary

There's a new breakfast place on Edmonton Trail where Country Kitchen used to be, up the block from Diner Deluxe. I'm not sure when they opened and haven't tried it but it looks interesting. Anyone eaten here?

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  1. I got around to checking out Over Easy and it's great! It's a very bright and cheery space. The menu had a great selection. Everything from simple eggs, bacon, toast plates to fancy French toast and omelettes. They also have some selections like pasta that are more lunch items.
    My boyfriend and I each had an omelette that came with potatoes, toast and fruit. I thought it was very tasty. The service was great. Everyone was very attentive and friendly. It's a great little place to try if you're looking for something new.

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      Thanks for the report back Beachy1 - I read about Over Easy in Swerve but haven't had a chance to go for breakfast there yet. Looks like a nice addition to the area... Edmonton Trail is becoming brunch central with Main Dish, Diner Deluxe, Aka Winebar, and now Over Easy. Renfrew/Bridgeland residents are spoiled for choice :)

    2. I went there recently too and really enjoyed it. The decor was fresh and bright, the service was attentive and friendly, and the food was delicious and (surprisingly) inventive (for breakfast food). I got something called (I think) "my favourite breakfast"), which was a bagel sandwich with fresh made guac. I loved it, and will go back again for sure.

      As for Renfrew/Bridgeland residents being spoiled for breakfast/brunch, I totally agree - and don't forget about Big Fish (which I believe is the best of the bunch for weekend brunch - my sister in law actually drives into town from Rocky Ridge to enjoy Big Fish on the weekends).

      1. Friends of ours had breakfast there recently and highly recommend it.

        1. Fabulous! Went there today and ordered the Something Something Toscana plate: two poached eggs on a subtle rye toast with roasted tomatoes and a piece of slightly cripsy prosciutto on top. The homefries were addictive: this amazing combination of crisp and heft. I think it's also a few dollars cheaper/person than Dairy Lane: my breakfast was, I think, about $13, including coffee. I can't wait to go back.

          1. This place is no doubt going to capitalize on the overflow from Diner Deluxe. I live just down the hill from there, and I saw the new place take shape from day 1. It's a good thing, too, because that Country Kitchen place was nothing to write home about. I already see people stuffed into the entrance on weekends just like they to at DD, so Over Easy must be making some pretty good food & getting some good word of mouth.

            On a side note...that new AKA Wine Bar across the street from DD (where Noon used to be) also serves a weekend brunch. Anyone tried that?

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              We tried Over Easy for the first time today. It was actually quite good, prices were fair and service was excellent. I enjoyed the Traditional Eggs Benny (w/ black forest ham $9.98), herbed potato wedges and 3 large slices of fruit. The eggs were poached perfectly to medium, the ham was nice quality and there was plenty of hollandaise. Hot Date had Steak and Eggs ($15.98) and was happy that the strip loin steak advertised on the menu actually was that indeed, larger than expected and not fast-fry width. We were pleased to see that Big Rock beer was $3.99, we seem to pay more most places.

              The staff were quick and attentive, even to greet newcomers at the door. Really no complaints at all, except that it was very cold near the door. They need to put up a curtain at the entry, in the winter. I'll definitely go again when it warms up.

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                I too recently went to Over Easy with a buddy, and we were quite impressed. Everything that TSAW said above rings true. Service was great, food was great, and prices were very reasonable. For $8, the "threesome" breakfast (bacon/sausage, eggs, some fruit and a pancake) is very good, and for that same meal, most other places would likely charge well over $10.

                The decor is nice, although I have to admit that the stools in the centre row of tables don't look very comfortable at all (but I cannot say for sure, as we sat at a table on the side). Service was maybe a tad bit on the over-attentive side, but I guess I can't blame her, because when we sat down there was only one other table with customers.

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                  I've been twice now and enjoyed it both times, but the second time, got stuck at the stools in the middle so I will confirm your reaction - not comfortable, felt rather precariously perched up there, and there wasn't enough room between the stools and the table behind, had to constantly "scootch" up closer to the table so people could get behind. Very annoying. Food was great on both occasions but I won't sit at that centre table again.

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                    I went to Over Easy the other day, and I have to agree that the service is great.

                    I had a "threesome", and they offered to substitute the pancake for a waffle (waffles with whipped cream was the special that day). I didn't find out until I got the bill that it was $3 extra.

                    My date had a bagel with eggs and guacamole (I don't remember the name on the menu), and that was some pretty terrible guacamole. It had that preservative flavour like a canned dip, which was unexpected in a restaurant where everything else is so fresh.

                    I like the place overall, but I'll have to remember to check the prices if I do a substitution, and avoid the guacamole.

              2. Went there with 4 adults and 1 child around 2 pm on a Saturday - was still busy, but they had some empty tables. The decor is great - clean and cheerful. I would agree with the other posters about the stools down the middle. They look great - and the communal table is a good idea...but I would not be keen on using them. The food was great...and a good price. Would recommend!!!

                1. Finally made it here yesterday at around 10am. When we arrived we snagged the last table - there was still room at the communal table but there was no way my 70-something year old MIL was sitting on those stools.

                  After a long debate about what to try I had the Eggs Benny special with bison sausage and was wowed from start to finish. Eggs were perfectly medium like I asked. Sauce was smooth and delicious and the sausage wow! We eat bison more than beef at home and sometimes find sausages to be over smoked and oversalted--these however were perfect, nice and savory. I asked our very attentive & friendly server about their sausages and apparently they all come from(I think she said) Paulino's. Does anyone know if Paulino's does retail? MIL had some chicken & blueberry sausages with her eggs and we'd both go back for seconds.

                  Glad to see that almost a year later Over Easy is still going strong :)

                  1. Just thought I'd bump this thread back up.

                    We stopped in on Sunday afternoon (1:30 or so). Place was still busy, about a 10 minute wait for a table.

                    This was the first time we've been to Over Easy. I'm not a huge "go out for breakfast kind of guy", generally because I'm always underwhelmed.

                    Once we were seated, I was somewhat surprised by the depth of the menu, quite a large and varied selection for a diner style place. Looking around at the other tables, I saw a lot of good looking food.

                    I ended up defaulting to my standard breakfast out treat; eggs benedict. I have to say, this was probably the best egss benny I've had. Their hollandaise sauce seems a bit lighter than normal, but in a very good way. Eggs had nice dark orange yolks. The side potatoes were outstanding, perfect texture, nicely herbed and not at all greasy.

                    Everyone at our table enjoyed their food; a chorizo omelet, and a savoury crepe. It was interesting to see some of the other dishes go by. Some truly amazing looking plates (zillion dollar doughnut... wow... looked large enough to feed a football team).

                    I'd go back here in a heartbeat the next time the breakfast mood strikes.

                    Over Easy Breakfast
                    824 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3J6, CA