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Oct 26, 2009 09:14 AM

Over Easy Breakfast - Calgary

There's a new breakfast place on Edmonton Trail where Country Kitchen used to be, up the block from Diner Deluxe. I'm not sure when they opened and haven't tried it but it looks interesting. Anyone eaten here?

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  1. I got around to checking out Over Easy and it's great! It's a very bright and cheery space. The menu had a great selection. Everything from simple eggs, bacon, toast plates to fancy French toast and omelettes. They also have some selections like pasta that are more lunch items.
    My boyfriend and I each had an omelette that came with potatoes, toast and fruit. I thought it was very tasty. The service was great. Everyone was very attentive and friendly. It's a great little place to try if you're looking for something new.

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      Thanks for the report back Beachy1 - I read about Over Easy in Swerve but haven't had a chance to go for breakfast there yet. Looks like a nice addition to the area... Edmonton Trail is becoming brunch central with Main Dish, Diner Deluxe, Aka Winebar, and now Over Easy. Renfrew/Bridgeland residents are spoiled for choice :)

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      1. I went there recently too and really enjoyed it. The decor was fresh and bright, the service was attentive and friendly, and the food was delicious and (surprisingly) inventive (for breakfast food). I got something called (I think) "my favourite breakfast"), which was a bagel sandwich with fresh made guac. I loved it, and will go back again for sure.

        As for Renfrew/Bridgeland residents being spoiled for breakfast/brunch, I totally agree - and don't forget about Big Fish (which I believe is the best of the bunch for weekend brunch - my sister in law actually drives into town from Rocky Ridge to enjoy Big Fish on the weekends).

        1. Friends of ours had breakfast there recently and highly recommend it.

          1. Fabulous! Went there today and ordered the Something Something Toscana plate: two poached eggs on a subtle rye toast with roasted tomatoes and a piece of slightly cripsy prosciutto on top. The homefries were addictive: this amazing combination of crisp and heft. I think it's also a few dollars cheaper/person than Dairy Lane: my breakfast was, I think, about $13, including coffee. I can't wait to go back.