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Oct 26, 2009 08:55 AM

Where locally can I find edible lime (not the citrus) in powder form?

Does any aficionado of Mexican food know where to buy edible lime, as in limestone? I know it is used in making corn tortillas. Thanks!

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  1. I believe I saw lime at the La Familia Mexican grocery on Research at about Ohlen. I bet you can track it down at your local grocery (assuming they have a good spice selection).

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    1. You're looking for calcium hydroxide, or "pickling lime", I assume. I believe I have even seen it at True Value Hardware, with the canning supplies, but any shop that has a decent canning section should carry it. I agree that you might find it at Fiesta. IIRC, I have also seen it at Callahan's General Store on 183, but that's been a while.

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        Thanks angusb and chispa and glintx. Will definitely look at the places you suggested.

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          I had to go to Callahan's for some chicken feed today, and I took the opportunity to check out their large canning section. They do have pickling lime in stock.