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Oct 26, 2009 08:29 AM

Lunch in Burlington VT

My wife and I, who lived in Burlington for many years (now living in Boston), are heading back and bringing some well-traveled and food-centric friends for the first time. Our current plan is to hit Hen of the Wood on Friday night. Saturday will be filled with a trip to the farmer's market followed by a cheese tasting at the Willow Hill farm in Milton. After lunch (TBD) we plan to do some beer tastings at some (or all) of the Burlington breweries (Magic Hat, Switchback, VP&B, AF). Dinner will be at either American Flatbread, Leunigs, or L'Amante (depending on our intoxication level). We are very disapointed that Smokejacks is not in business anymore. Sunday brunch will most likely be at Leunigs. Sunday lunch will be on our way back to Boston, either in Hanover or at Peter Christian's in New London.
I am looking for recommendations for the following:
1. Saturday breakfast (in town)- Looking to pick up some good pastries and coffee. Thinking something like what City Market used to be before it moved.
2. Saturday Lunch (anywhere withing a 20 mile radius). Looking for a place that represents VT (local, casual). I wish the Bearded Frog or any of it's sister's were open for lunch.
3. Anything else that I might have missed that showcases Vermont's gastronomy (e.g. place for cheese tasting).

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  1. 1. For pastries and coffee, try Mirabelle's on Main Street, a few doors East of where Smokejacks was.

    2. For casual, funky, and fun, there's On the Rise bakery in Richmond - they make great sourdough roll ups for Saturday lunch, plus pastries, coffee, and great bread to take home.

    3. too big a topic for me to address late on a Tuesday...hopefully some other 'hounds will chime in.

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      Both places sound great. Thanks. I still wouldn't mind hearing about other options from other hounds.

    2. I was at Flatbread last night. It was very busy (1 hr wait at 6:00) and very noisy. However, the beer and pies were both great. Be prepared to wait and choose another location if you are loking for a quieter setting (L'Amante tends to be very quiet) or Trattoria Delia. If you don't mind a short ride, The Belted Cow in Essex Jct. is a great new addition to the dining scene.

      The cheese selection at Hen of the Wood is excellent and you will enjoy your evening there. Mirabelle's is a good choice for pastries. For lunch, I would suggest Flatbread and opt for another choice for dinner.

      Shelburne Vineyards is a fairly new winery on Rte 7 just south of the Shelburne Museum. Nice grounds and decent wines. Maybe go real casual and pack a picnic (Harrington's in Shelburne makes good sandwiches). Of course, weather willplay a role if you are dining outdoors.