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in search of simple cupcake

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  • dhs Oct 26, 2009 07:42 AM
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My wife and I want to have cupcakes at a party to celebrate our recent marriage. We thought this would be a pretty simple task to find a cupcake we liked. In fact I figured we would start with Baked in Redhook and stop there. We put off the task of finding a source till to late I fear (2 weeks out now). I have come to the conclusion that what we are looking for and the current trend it cupcakes are different. We tried three well regarded places and had three let downs. Baked had nice cake but wow was the icing tough to like. So we are not fans of heavy greasy butter creams. Next was Joyce Bakeshop. Very dense cake made this a miss for us. Little Cupcake Bakeshop was our third and final stop. These were probably the best compromise with an ok icing and an ok cake but still not what we were after.

So I am wondering if there are bakeshops that still make cupcakes like mom used to. Simple, sugary icing, light, moist cake. We are seriously contemplating going to ShopRite or Fairway because they maybe would make a more 'commercialized' version of a cupcake. One that harkens back to what we think of a cupcake as being.

thank you

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  1. Mazzola's on Henry and Union do a great, affordable, old-school cupcake and they don't require much advance notice. We've served them at countless parties and they are always a hit.

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      thank you very much for the recommendation. It sounds right up our alley.

    2. the costco ones taste like what you're describing and they are very cheap.

      1. Fairway makes a better than expected red velvet cupcake with a tart/sweet icing. I haven't tried the other flavors, but you could do an inexpensive sampling of a few before buying.

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        1. re: Claire

          thanks. I do love red velvet. We are going to go to Mazzola's tomorrow and then on to Fairway. If neither of those pan out, continue on to Costco.

        2. baked's (in red hook) cupcakes are beautiful and simple. the frosting is light and fluffy and AWESOME.

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            wish I could agree. I really wanted to like the Baked cupcakes but the frosting really was not good to both our tastes. It felt and tasted greasy. The cake was very good.

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              i think it depends on which flavor you're getting and how fresh they are when you eat them. my job sells baked cupcakes so i've tried a bunch of their flavors and some frosting IS kind of heavy (the oreo one for example) but the CITRUS one is heaven and so is the sweet and salty.

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                have you tried one girl cookies on dean near smith st?

                1. re: sirbakesalot

                  Another vote for One Girl - a little smaller than some, but very good, for my money the best in the Cobble Hill area.

                  Betty Bakery on Atlantic is also worth trying.

                  Betty Bakery
                  448 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

                  One Girl Cookies
                  68 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                  1. re: cazique

                    So after trying Baked, Little Cupcake Shop, Joyce's Bakery, Almodine, Mazzolas, and One Girl Cookies, we have decided to go with One Girl Cookies. Nicely sized, nice presentation (there is a cardboard surround of sorts and the spikey icing), good cake density, icing quantity and texture and most importantly, tasty cupcakes. Especially the chocolate cake/vanilla iced variety. This one really matched what we were looking for. Thanks everyone for their input and suggestions. It was a big help.

                    One Girl Cookies
                    68 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                    1. re: dhs

                      what are the price of their cupcakes?

                      1. re: janie

                        $2.00 each - it is a normal cupcake size, not oversized like Almondine was

                        85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                      2. re: dhs

                        For my money, one girl has the best cupcakes in the neighborhood (tho last time i got them, they were a tad dry), which is funny, cause i don't love their cookies. But i've tried almost every place around and theirs are just the best of the bunch.

                        They also make mini ones (for advance orders) if you want smaller ones for a big party.

                        Never tried Mazzola--didn't know they made cupcakes. Might have to check that out.

            2. We got terrific cupcakes at ALMONDINE in DUMBO for a Brunch last weekend. Delicious, fresh,pure ingredients, just the right size. Choc/Choc/ ,Choc/Van , and vice versa.

              For a large quantity I would suggest calling a day or two before. They are so popular, by the time they close they are totally cleaned out of almost everything.

              85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201