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Oct 26, 2009 06:37 AM

Michaels Genuine Brunch

Any reviews on the new Brunch this weekend? Thoughts?

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  1. Ooh, this place is great, I'm interested to find out too!

    1. It was very good. Guess the concept is a "brunch on a menu" where instead of ordering one large breakfast plate (e.g. tire-sized pancakes or an egg, breakfast meat and potato breakfast) you order smaller plates, both savory and sweet, to make your own breakfast and share. Some items lend themselves more to sharing than others (duck rillete and salmon dip = good to share; fried egg sandwich = harder to share). Four of us enjoyed a salty and sweet brunch with the salmond dip (delicious), pig ears (a little chewier than usual), fried egg sandwich (addicting), 9-grain pancake (delicious, heavy, but a good portion), lemon ricotta pancakes (light and lemony) and homemade pop tarts (pretty good). Drink menu is pretty creative running from a rum and sage drink to what turned out to be a ridiculously good pina colada (one of the girls ordered it, actually she ordered two, but we all kept trying it).

      We had some minor kinks but considering it was the first run they were very much on top of things. I'd expect in the next couple of brunches everything will be ironed out. Between Michael's and BV Bistro I'm very glad I don't have to cross the causeway or brunch anymore.

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      1. Went yesterday as well. i think that if you give them a couple of weeks to fine tune some recipes it will be incredible, but for the first go around, yesterday was pretty solid. We had the 9 grain pancake, which had that whole grain crunch to it, very good. The poptarts could have used more filling. The doughnuts were good (if you have had them with some of the desserts you know of their light and airy qualities.

        For savory we had a moulard duck egg skillet that was too heavy with the tomato sauce and did not really work. The duck confit hash and eggs was delicious, absolutely delicious but needed something to cut through it (some acidity perhaps?). The parsley mayo sauce did not add much to the dish. We meant to order the steak and eggs but forgot and did not notice until we left the dish consisting of pulled pork shoulder on top of cheese grits and a poached egg on top. The breakfast pizza also looked great.

        While we did not have any drinks, the tab was very reasonable for a brunch of that caliber and amount of food, about $30 a person.

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          did anyone try the Bloody Mary? I'm told it's a funky mutation with honey in it? nervous...