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Oct 26, 2009 05:36 AM

Has anyone tried Sophie - Logan and Queen East

I was walking in Leslieville the other day and noticed that a cute cafe called Sophie had replaced a local dive. Has anyone been? The chalk board listed sandwhiches, quiche, salads, and a brunch. Interested to hear if the place is worth a try.

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  1. Yes, absolutely, very reminiscent of places in Montreal, not surprising given the owner is from there. The quiches are really fantastic. Also, they have St. Viateur bagels. A pleasant place for a light lunch.

    1. I had breakfast last weekend. Waffles were tasty, though for $8, found them a little anemic. Maybe it's just my expectation for waffles (more air).

      Nice space, mostly for two-tops with a couple of four-tops. Larger groups/families have really only the front-of-the-room option (bench/chairs combo).

      No shots this time around - forgot to replace my SD card in the camera. D'oh!

      I think it's a nice, chic, neighbourhood place. Would go back to eat a quiche, (I passed, since I had made three in the span of a weekend already!).

      Wonder if they ship the bagels daily?

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        I had lunch at this place two weekends ago. The place is very cute. It gave off a really fresh and clean vibe. We ordered a quiche with goat cheese and roasted tomato with beet salad and waffles. Everything was tasty but we found the portions were a tad small.

      2. My wife and I have had brunch here three times over the past couple of months, and it's been consistently good each time. It's a simple menu, but everything is fresh. Quiches are delicious and light with a rotating lineup of different fillings (prosciutto and leek was one of the features this past weekend). Fritattas, savoury galettes, tourtiere and other interesting options often show up on the menu - this weekend there was a tomato tart tatin, which sounded interesting though I passed in favour of the quiche.

        Mediocre drip coffee, unfortunately, but they offer french press and espresso drinks. Great baked goods too - my wife and I usually end up splitting a muffin or scone since we can't resist the flavour combos (blackberry-lemon, peach-raspberry, etc). Sure, the portions aren't huge, but at less than $10 for a piece of quiche and a side salad, I'm not complaining. A great neighbourhood place that deserves more attention.

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        1. re: TOFoodFan

          I love the tortiere there - really good. Nice little place for lunch.

          1. re: SusanB

            I have to agree with all the above. It's a nice place, with good quality top to bottom.
            Smallish portions, but lower prices and who needs to be a glutton.
            My wife and I love their tourtiere, too!

        2. We tried Sophie for the first time today and were completely non-plussed.

          In terms of the space itself, it is large, open, and feels like a young, fresh Leslieville breakfast/brunch joint should with its white, lime green, and orange colour palette.

          Now for the main aspects: service and food. We were seated by a friendly staff member. Good. We ordered a coffee and water to start. First point of contention: water was served in a glass, plus a bottle on the side. I instantly knew they were going to charge for water (ended up to be $2)! Yes, laugh at me all you want, but I don't appreciate being charged for water. Next, I ordered a special: galette with prosciutto and caramelized onion ($7.95). My partner ordered a St. Viateur bagle with omelette and melted cheese ($6.95). [Note on service: our waitress forgot our order twice!] Our spirits were expectant, but when the goods were delivered, those spirits were crushed! My galette was an absolute pittance with a sad, plain, tiny salad on the side. Taste of the galette was not bad, maybe a little salty, but with a nice fluffy crust. My partner's bagel was similarly small, with no outstanding ingredients or taste. [Note 2 on service: not once were we asked how our food was during our meal.] We finished eating in a disappointed mood and decided to skip the dessert. To cap off our disappointment, a different waitress who cleared our table was kind enough to mumble something completely inaudible to us. No smile, no bright "How was everything?" Ugh! No Sophie for us anymore, thank you very much.

          Verdict: we may have made missed with our selections. Sophie's quiches looked good, but I am doubtful portion size would be improved. Service was not charming at all.

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          1. re: tdotgirleats

            What exactly is on those two plates? Please tell me it's what you did not feel like eating, not what you were served! I just can't believe that any place would serve portions that size unless you ordered the "Sophie 8 course tasting menu" . What were the other courses?

            1. re: foodyDudey

              I'm pretty sure the plate was that sparse. I remember going to Sophie once and had something pretty forgettable, but memorably small.

              It is a lovely and airy space though.

          2. I went by two Saturdays ago. The tourtiere was delicious and a generous portion, paired with a forgettable leafy salad. Wonderful latte and croissant. Middling waffle. Worst service I've had in Leslieville, possibly anywhere: Rude and surly. Bill wasn't broken down, came in one total and seemed incorrect, but who knows. Uncomfortable chairs.