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Oct 26, 2009 05:29 AM

coffee beans-where do YOU buy, and what kind?

The coffee thread has me thinking about favorite place for a coffee is my living room, frankly!
My family has been buying from Yoka's on west Broadway forever, I love that place, it's an anarchronism (no bank cards, imagine!) but it's the real thing complete with massive coffee roaster and lots of variety.
That being said, it's a long drive. When I am desperate I will find Kicking horse at the grocery store, and even found Saltspring Coffee at Costco of all places.
I tend to like the very dark and strong, french and espresso types, but am open to suggestions.

Bring it on, chowies!

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  1. I don't really have a favorite brand but once I purchased some blue mountain from Costco. It was very smooth and I've been wanting to buy it again but haven't seen it since. This was about a year and half ago.

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    1. re: gourmet wife

      saw blue mountain today @ homesense on Robson, think it was $10 a bag

    2. Our go-to is the Espresso Nero Organic from JJ Bean. Has anyone tried the new place on West 4th Avenue (between Balsalm & Vine, across from Safeway)? Looks interesting

      1. I usually pick up 49th Parallel Epic from various places around town. I also pick up Saltspring, Ethical, Kicking Horse, (and a number of others now) from Donald's Market. They seem to have a large selection of independent roasters now. Also JJ Bean across the street.

        For my "secret" place - I really like the espresso roast at espressotec in Richmond - near Ikea. They are known more as a shop for their high-end espresso machines and peripherals, but their own inhouse roasts are great....and cheap!

        1. I pick up the offerings that Elysian Coffee has from 49th Parallel. Fresh, quality beans and locally roasted by an excellent company.

          Other beans that I'll acquire - Intelligentsia (from Wicked Cafe), Origins (warehouse on Granville Island... not too sure where you can get their beans from. Maybe Smart Mouth in Gastown?), and the JJ Bean special reserve coffees.

          That being said, we have completely different taste in coffee if you're looking for dark roasts. I'm into light roasts.

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          1. re: peter.v

            JJ's Nero is pretty dark (they have JJ at Bumpy's in Calgary, as well as at Ladybug) but I'll be damned if I can get a decent 'spro with it. But for drip it's not bad.

            1. re: John Manzo

              I've had some great shots using Nero at the JJ's on Main and on Commercial. I use Nero on an Aeropress at home and it works great. For espresso (on a Silvia), 49th Epic is the usual bean I reach for. I reserve the other beans for French Press (which is my wife's favourite mode of coffee extraction).

              1. re: fmed

                Epic man here too :) we've been lucky to get some Elysian espresso here recently and it's very good, IMHO better than Epic and better than Sammy's competition blend, and in general I'd say that 49th Parallel might be the single most reliably excellent roaster I've ever relied on.

          2. I try to stay away from anything without a roast date on the bag. I don't care how good the beans were - if they've been sitting on a shelf for over a month, then they're gonna be pretty stale.

            I usually buy green beans from Transcend in Edmonton and roast it myself. Unfortunately, that's not an option once it gets cold out (roasting inside is usually NOT advisable), plus I only get a chance to visit Edmonton every few months.

            Roasted beans - now that Phil & Sebastian in Calgary have a full-fledged roasting operation of their own,they'll be my go-to source for roasted coffee beans. PS. If you haven't visited them in a while, try them out again. Their selection of coffee is IMO even better than it was a few months ago. Now if they can only open up their new locations ASAP.