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Oct 26, 2009 02:28 AM

West African food

Dear hounds,

Wondering if anyone has recommendations for West African places in Paris? From take-away to sit-down.

We are enjoying the city, eating good things and will file a trip report at the end of the week...

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  1. There are a number of places up in my neck of the 18th where there are large African populations nearby but except for the Cape Verdean place Titalina, 73, rue Duhesme which I rated a 3/10 I cannot recommend any and it was mainly comfort food one night when I was too lazy to cook.

    John Talbott

    1. I assume it is too late to help you but for reference to others, I recently ate at Le Manguier, 67 ave de Parmentier (11th), a Senegalese place that was easily the best (of 3!) Senegalese restaurants I've eaten at (the other two in Marseille). I delayed posting because I could not track down the name of the dish I had, but it was a meat stew with strong fish-sauce flavoring that the patron warned me away from as 'particular.' The Thiéboudienne was also quite good. People often get the Yassa and Maafe, classic dishes that are to me kind of boring I would suggest people go for the fish at west african places.

      On previous visits I've eaten at L'Equateur (151, Rue Saint Maur, 11) which is Cameroonian or pan african and I ate a good Ndole (the national dish of mashed greens plus fish) but this is the only Cameroonian I've had so comparisons are difficult. They did have house made scotch bonnet pepper sauce that was great.

      Any one else have good meals at Senegalese or Cameroonian places in Paris or Marseille?

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        There is a great Senegalese in rue des poissonieres (Paris). I don't know the name, but you can't miss it. They have the classic thieboudienne, yassa and mafe - fish, chicken, lamb. Very good. And other dishes. No alcohol served but you can bring your own.

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          The Senegalese meat stew with fish paste is called Kandja.