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Oct 26, 2009 12:02 AM

Meez Fast Cuisine (McKenzie Towne) - Has anyone tried this place?

Just wondering if anyone has done gourmet takeout from here and what their experience was like. I've driven by a few times, stopped in Sunday but they were closed. Anyone??

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  1. I don't have experience with that location, but I have picked up a variety of things from the Lakeview store. Take and bake frozen pies are excellent - best mixed berry pie I've ever had frozen or not. Soups are delicious too... I was just looking at their Fall menu and wondering how I'd get their savoury tarts back here for our housewarming.

    1. Yup - this is right around the corner from my house. As was already pointed out, this is a sister store to the Mis En Place location in Lakeview.

      They have a good selection of fresh and frozen entrees and appetizers as well as a good selection of some specialty dried goods, oils and vinegars. They also have a small selection of some hardware (serving dishes, cheese plates, glasses etc...) for the person who needs supplies.

      The food is quite tasty I found, my only complaint is that it is rather pricey. My favorite so far is Spolumbos Mac N' Cheese. They also have a spiced halibut that is very good (but again, pricey). The Thai Chicken Phyllo bites are also very good as are the Crab Cakes for appetizers. If I recall, I also think they sell fresh stock and demi at this location as well.

      If you're lucky enough to go there when Judy is there - she's awesome (so is everyone else, but Judy's my favorite).

      1. Stopped by earlier this week and picked up a beef barley soup and the Spoloumbo Mac N' Cheese. Both were good and we enjoyed them.

        I like the store and all their fresh/frozen products but I did get a bit of sticker shock from the prices. If their prices were better i could see myself going here once or twice a week but its tough to pay catering prices for an evening dinner...heck it's even tough to pay catering prices when you need catering, lol.

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          I agree about the sticker shock but you do get what you pay for imho in terms of quality. I started going there when my kids were little because they couldn't get enough of Baby Gourmet's stews and waffles; now I go for treats that I'd otherwise not make at home.

        2. MEEZ Fast Home Cuisine is actually in Copperfield Corner not McKenzie Towne. I was a regular customer of the Lakeview store but I am so happy to have one in Copperfiled Corner which is closer for me. As for the comments on 'sticker shock' - seriously. You get what you pay for. I don't mind paying for no additives, no preservatives and fabulous food for my family. And there meat is natural and super fresh. Where can you get Thai Chicken with peanut sauce and coconut rices that will feed for people for $38.00. I mean really - 2 pepperoni pizzas from yuccky Boston Pizza are over 50 BUCKS. Mac and cheese is only 10.95 at Meez so where is the sticker shock.

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            Just being devil's advocate, but clicking clicking the South Trail Crossing (I'm not a Calgarian) location on the boston pizza website, shows the large pepperoni pizza at $22.80, with a suggest serving size of 3-4 people. So for your 50 bucks you are feeding 6-8 people a pretty hefty meal (especially when you consider the nutritional info).

          2. This place is GREAT! Yes they are on the pricier side, but there is no additives or preservatives, the food is FRESH NEVER been frozen or frozen, and its all made from scratch... it is worth the price. And if you join their email list you get coupons in the mail every week, with 10-20% off it actually is fairly reasonable. Their apricot chicken is my favourite, and they also have a location in Willow Park. The staff is always so friendly too.