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Oct 25, 2009 08:44 PM

Arepa Flour

A friend from Venezuela has promised to make Arepas, but bemoans the fact she does not know where she can purchase the proper flour. If anyone knows where it can be found in Boston (please not outside, being college students we have limited transportation) I would really appreciate it. The sooner I can munch on a tasty homemade Arepa the better!


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  1. There are a number of spanish markets in the union sq., somville, and centre st,JP areas. Many other CHs will chime in shortly w/ more details.

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      La Internacional on Somerville Ave., for instance.

    2. If you're looking for ready-made arepa flour such as Goya Masarepa, you can find it at virtually any supermarket in the area. I'm pretty sure I've purchased it at the international section of some Shaw's in the area. I also bought it once at the bodega called El Coloso on Columbia St in Cambridge.

      1. You can buy Masarepa at the market across from Twin Donuts in Allston, I believe it's called Columbia Market? Right on the B Branch of the Green Line...

        1. Although there are many brands that could work, Venezuelans will prefer "Harina P.A.N", that is the one traditionally used in Venezuela. It comes in a yellow packet of 1 kg.
          I have found it at Market Basket in Somerville, Hi-LO foods in JP and Columbia Market in Cambridge (151 Columbia Street). I've heard that you can also find it in the Shaws in prudential center.

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            Oh, I just looked at my bag...That's the one they have at the store in Allston, too...

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              * Mayfair Foods Allston, Ma.
              * Stop and Shop supermarkets, Boston, MA.
              * HI-LO, Jamaica Plain -Centre Street-, Boston, MA.
              * DeMoula's market in Bellingham, MA.
              * Market Basket in Ashland, MA. DeMoula's and Market Basket are part of the same chain and carry a large, very good assortment of Latino foods. Have even been able to find lechoza there sometimes.

            2. Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions!