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Oct 25, 2009 08:26 PM

Best Breakfast Buffets in Vegas?

I heard the Sterling Buffet at Bally's is pretty awesome?? Anybody been recently. Planning a trip mid December, haven't been to Vegas in over 15 years. Would like any feed back available.

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  1. My husband and I were just there, stayed at Treasure Island and were pleasently surprised by their breakfast buffet. It was only around $16 and had a plentify showing. Their made to order eggs (we both got scrambles) were great and my favorite were the freshly made mini donuts!

    1. Vegas isn't in California. You should have this thread moved to the Southwest board.

      I haven't been to Bally's buffet, but my top three for breakfast are Bellagio (splurge, but worth it), Spice Market at Planet Hollywood (it might be more expensive than I remember, but it was very good), and Luxor's Pharoah's Pheast (not too expensive and the food is well done).

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        I liked Spice Market better than Bellagio but both were over $20. The food seemed more fresh.

      2. I haven't been to Bellagiio but Wynn and Paris are my favorite breakfast buffets.

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          Personally I prefer the Paris buffet over both Bellagio & The Wynn on a meal-by-meal experience. I've also been to the Studio B buffet down at the M Resort and I can see why it has so many devotees.

          3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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            Bellagio breakfast buffet is much better than Paris breakfast buffet. I had such high hopes for Paris, but it was sadly mediocre (not even decent French food).

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              As I responed to you in another thread & as I wrote above: I'm doing this on a meal-by-meal basis since I'm a local. If I was a visitor in the city where you live I could easily go to an excellent or highly-rated restaurant and have a "meh" or even a crap meal.

              1. re: RoyOfTheRovers

                Since I've gone to the Paris buffet twice (on two different visits), I can confirm they were not merely having an "off" day. You are absolutely right about coming to NYC, and going to a highly rated restaurant and having a "meh" or "crap meal". It happens all the time, and is reported on these boards. What I find more telling is if the OP writes that she has gone to the same restaurant more than once, and on both occasions, had a bad meal.