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Oct 25, 2009 07:36 PM

Where to eat in Charleston

I am going to Charleston this weekend. Anyone know of some awesome places to eat??? My family and I are real foodies so please no chains or tourist traps! We love seafood and local joints. It doesn't have to be a five star to be good either in my book! If it's just plain amazing please let me know!! Thanks!

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  1. I'd suggest you do a preliminary search in the search box above the posts. Just typing in "Charleston" will result in recent topics and suggestions.

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      Thanks to the many posts on charleston that you can call up (like Ourgreat suggests we went to Hominy Grill-simple yet excellent

    2. My favorite is McCrady's. Google chuckeats for a generous review by someone who knows food.

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        That looks good. We are really looking for the best seafood in Charleston. I wish I could go back and edit my post.

      2. Check out Jestine's Kitchen. My girlfriend and I drove from Atlanta and stayed in Charleston for a weekend, so I'd done some research on a few restaurants I definitely wanted to check out. This was at the top of the list - and it could have been the only place we visited! We tried two dishes I'd heard countless recommendations for -- shrimp & grits, and pecan-crusted chicken. Both were OUTSTANDING. Their cornbread is held as pretty good too. For dessert, I ordered a slice of Coca Cola Cake to go, and we drove out to the pier at night and sat and ate our dessert. The cake was awesome, and though a bit windy, the pier was a beautiful sight at night with the bridge in view and a few container ships sailing in and out.

        Jestine's Kitchen
        251 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401

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          Totally disagree with the review on Jestine's - been there twice and don't know why bothered trying it again... For "local" try Hominy Grill or SNOB, for seafood try Fish or Hanks (and don't miss their banana cream pie)

          Hominy Grill
          207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

        2. There are tons of great places that do great seafood. Hank's, the Wreck, Boathouse. All the upscale places-SNOB, High Cotton, 82 Queen, Peninsula, FIG, Grill Carolina's-serve fresh local seafood as well as other items.

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            My favorite when I have visited Charleston in the past has been Fulton FIve, an upscale Italian restaurant off of King Street.

          2. We really enjoyed Pearlz on Bay St. Kind of a sports bar, a little loud and NO TABLECLOTHS! But we enjoyed some good raw oysters and the shrimp salad was a delight to see and good to eat. I had a blackened "Sheepshead" or maybe "goatshead". Anyway it is a fish and it was very good.
            We had spent the day at the aquarium and were advised by the staff there that many species of seafood are scarce and being fished to extinction and that there are restaurants in Charleston that subscribe to a policy of using only sustainable seafood. Check with the restaurant and see if they are and let us try and support those conscience purveyors.