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Oct 25, 2009 06:54 PM

Wood Fire Pizza

I have been looking far and wide for a proper wood fired pizza. I think I found it. I never go to Laval for dinner, but I was told about a place called Mozza Pizzeria Moderna so I tried it one night. This place knows how to make pizza. And they come in LARGE sizes - something I haven't yet seen in Montreal when it comes to wood fire. The place is awesome. Really nice inside too. Feels like a big American restaurant but with great food. Apps and Pastas were amazing too. I had a giant chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. AWESOME. If you love wood fire pizza as much as me you have to check it out.

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  1. Have you tried Bottega? It's right up there IMHO.

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      I've been to Bottega. Love their food but don't love their pizza. Its soggy and spungy and has very little cheese. I know they say its true Roman pizza, but whatever. Check out Mozza, its a much better pizza. Its thin and charred and the pizza guy told me they never put more than three toppings on a pizza to make sure it always crisps up and never falls apart.

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        I think Bottega's claim is that they do Neapolitan style pizza. I believe Roman pizza has a thinner crisper crust than Neapolitan pizza.

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          I honestly will not go to Laval, ( although this is good to know if I every am in that area and your description makes me want to go) but possibly there is something similar in Mtl; I happen to love Bottega but am open to try others. Most pizza places are ordinary, just ok.

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            Have you tried Prato? Awesome coal-oven-fired pizza, right next door to Schwartz's. (see address/map top right)

            Prato Pizzeria Cafe
            3891 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1X9, CA

            1. re: kpzoo

              I actually like Pizzaiolle - they have a wood-burning oven, and while some of the pizzas are a little much, topping-wise, I do like their carciofo (artichoke and black olive) pizza, as well as their disperata (tomato sauce, parmesan, garlic). Not in the same league as Bottega, but not in the same price range, either, and a lot closer than Laval for some of us.

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                Funny that you mention Pizzaiolle. When I was talking to the pizza guy at Mozza he told me he used to be the head pizza man for all four PIzzaiolle's. He said he was the one who developed the dough recipe and everything. And he claimed that the pizza was better at Mozza. Don't know if he was saying it cuz now runs pizza at Mozza, but his words were "I developed the pizzas at Pizzaiole and I'm telling you they are better here". Someone above said they won't go to Laval which is exactly what I said until I was in the area. But it took me 15 mins to get there from downtown where I live which made me think this isn't such a drive afterall. Anyway, I'm going back this week, it was that good.

                1. re: Jewoppie

                  Pizzaiolle claims to have been the first in Canada to serve wood-burning gourmet pizza(they first opened around the early 80's).

    2. I've had very good pizzas at Vinizza on Jean-Talon corner Casgrain near the market.

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        Just to let you know, Vinizza is not wood-fired pizza(they have a gas-fired pizza oven).

      2. I was wondering if anyone else tried Mozza Pizzeria Moderna? Looking for more reviews =)

        As for someone mentioning he/she is not going to Laval, it would probably take you less time to drive here than drive through Montreal to go where you need to, plus you don't have to worry about the parking in Laval (and it's free).

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        1. re: Werzoth

          Is it near a métro station on the orange line? I live near Jean-Talon station and it is often faster for me to get to places in Laval than many parts of Montréal IF they are near the métro line. I don't drive and neither do most of my friends - except some who live in Laval (and they drive a lot less since the métro was opened - for one it is seamless to her work). Just mentioning this as for a lot of us places in Laval are not necessarily an expedition any more.

          I haven't eaten at the Laval branch of Khyber Pass but evidently it is as good as the Duluth one, and it is not hard to access from Montmorency station. We'll go there some time with the Laval friends.

          I can't read the restaurant website, which is why I'm requesting its location.

          Khyber Pass
          1694 Boul Saint-Martin W, Laval, QC H7S1M9, CA

          1. re: lagatta

            I broached this topic in another thread:

            If memory serves, once the bus left the Montmorency station, the ride was a little under ten minutes, followed by a five-minute walk through Stripmallia. Skipping the bus and walking from the station didn't look too appealing, either, since it would involve having to pass over or under -- and possibly walking within earshot of -- the Laurentian Autoroute. As I recall, streets in that area are not particularly pedestrian friendly and, depending on the day and hour, the neighbourhoods, especially the more commercial ones, may be somewhat deserted. Certainly, if I were going to try walking the route, I'd do so during daylight the first time.

            1. re: carswell

              I live in Laval so I can shed some light on these questions.

              Mozza is located in the Centropolis, which is the "new downtown" Laval (lots of shops, restaurants and the movie theater is there).

              From the Montmorency metro station (last spot on the Orange line), you can either walk there (around 20-30 minutes walk) or take a bus.

              If you decide to walk, you do have to go under the autoroute, the side walks are fine so I don't see the worry there. There's not much people that walk there though.

              If you take the bus (which I recommend), there's several options for you. The line 61 and the line 70 pass directly through Centropolis so they're your best bets. It will take you 5 minutes (maybe 10 max with traffic) or so to get there from Montmorency. Just get off facing the Colossus movie theater or at the Marche Gourmand, then walk to Mozza, it's very close, maybe 2 minutes walk.

              If not, you can take any bus that go to the Carrefour Laval (and there's a lot), from the Carrefour it's a 10 minutes walk or so. You'll walk near the condos and stuff, very safe, no worries there.

              Try and look for Mozza on the map, very easy! There's also maps all around the Centropolis when you're actually there, so you can't get lost.

        2. Being a disgruntled Laval resident who is always forced to travel to Montreal for a good meal, I was pleasanlty suprised when a friend took me to Mozza's. It was great! Ive been to Bottega, Pizzeria Napoletana and Pizzaiole recently, and Mozza beat them all. Dough was great; thin but not too thin where it cant support the toppings (unlike some other places). Highly recommend it.....probably the only time I would recommend a Laval restaurant!

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          1. re: chefjeannine

            I told ya! Mozza Pizzeria Moderna was really awesome. I put there pizza up against anyone's. And I know this is a pizza discussion, but I have to mention the chicken wings and the desserts. AMAZING. Try the giant cookie monster. Very rare to see a restaurant like this in Laval. I too used to live in Laval and would never eat at any restaurants in the area. This is the only one. Man, I hope they last.

            1. re: Jewoppie

              Ah yes, that giant cookie was deee-lish! Unfortunately, i didnt try any other dishes.