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Oct 25, 2009 06:46 PM

New little bakery spot on 150th in Whitestone? Any info?

So, I drove by this "coming soon" bakery last week in Whitestone and from the looks of it, it is a bakery specializing in cupcakes! I heart cupcakes! Well, not all cupcakes--just the really yummy ones. Any info? I don't remember the name....I have to drive by again.

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    1. i live in whitestone and tried the cakes, tasty, but definatly small and skimpy on the frostings. frostings dont cover cupcakes, just like a lottle squeeze on top... kinda disappointing as most of us who love cupcakes LOVE frosting

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      1. re: chefjellynow

        funny, i noticed they have more icing on the cupcakes now. At first i felt the same, but i will say that the icing is perfect for the cupcake now. the rainbow cookie is amazing, and i think the amount of icing on that particular one is perfect, because too much would take away from the flavor.

        1. re: mets1986

          i will have to retry and re review!
          i always thought they were tasty but just lacked in the icing dept. if they have fixed that then we have a gem!

      2. Definitely not worth the trip. Poorly made cupcakes that taste like they came from a box, with frosting that tastes like it came from a can. As a previous poster said, there is only a little dollop of frosting on top. I tried several kinds, including the rainbow cookie, which was not good at all. The 'strawberry shortcake' was just a vanilla cake, with no strawberry in sight. At all. The only one that was decent was the peanut butter cup. Tasted good but was tiny!

        Also, they have/had been closed for a while. Driving by I noticed a hand written sign on the door but I never pulled over to read it. I wonder what was going on.

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        1. re: saharasarah

          i retried after mets posted there was more frosting and bam.... same ammount of frosting no difference...pretty lame if u ask me

          1. re: chefjellynow

            Quite disappointing to hear all the not so great reviews. I still wanna check them out, but I'm not rushing. If I happen to be in the neighborhood and have a parking spot, I'll go in. Thank you to everyone who replied!