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Oct 25, 2009 06:39 PM


hello all you wonderful Canadiens!

I am a New Yorker, and need some help finding a good red velvet cake in Quebec!

I can't seem to find anything online, so any help would be great!!

I'm so stoked about Quebec!

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  1. Do you mean Quebec City?

    1. I don t wish to discourage you but I have never heard of red velvet cake in Quebec, although there is some mention of a beetdyed version at a local cake/cupcake boutique.

      It is a recipe that was secretly guarded decades ago and in our neighbourhood (in another province) one of the mothers bribed a chef for his secret ingredients and really made a delicious and stunning version of this layer cake, I dont know if it ever caught on in Quebec so you may have to give up the search before you get started and try out some other offerings in pastry stores (patisseries, boulangeries); also nowadays with health concerns I dont think all that red food colouring would appeal to many especially since the colour of the cake brings it to our conscious awareness. One of the ingredients our neighbour used was some vinegar and the cake was very moist( but of course was devoured the day baked); but the whole story about secret ingredients and bribery made her cake, let alone its unique colour and taste, even more memorable!

      1. The only red velvet cake I have seen has been at Cocoa Locale in Montreal. I personally love it, but there haas been some debate about its quality on the board. Certainly it isn't one of Reema's overwhelming favorites, but it has a niche place. Like I say, I love it.

        I would comment that it is a bit different than versions I have had in the States, particularly in NYC and the South, and so I am worried it might not fit your bill. The versions I have had in the states have been lighter crumbed cakes, extremely moist, and the icing has been lighter and fluffier that Reema's (owner of Cocoa Locale). Oddly enough, I have had a lot of red velvet in Winnipeg, one of my friend's mom used to make it as her specialty. Reema's red velvet cake has her own personal stamp on it, it is very much in the style of her rich, dense cakes, and so it might not jibe with your concept/memories of red velvet cake.

        She does not always carry the red velvet cake. It is always a pleasant surprise when I see it in the counter, and it alway leads to a flurry of cake-buying activity on my part.

        You will not find Red velvet cake in many other places here in Quebec. This is really a Southern specialty, and we have no tradition of these cakes here. This cake is a real rarity in these parts.

        1. If you mean Quebec City, chances of finding red velvet cake are slim to none. I got married near there last year and my baker had never heard of it - I ended up giving her a recipe to make my wedding cake. She may still have it and be able to make it on demande, BUT it's in a (very) small town about 30 min south of Quebec City.

          If you mean the province of Quebec, then your chances increase slightly in Montreal. As moh said, Cocoa Locale *may* have some, but I'd also recommend the red velvet cupcake at Les Glaceurs.

          If you feel like making it yourself, I've got the best recipe ever on my blog. And in response to wilmagrace, you can get the red color from beet juice if you wish, so that cuts down on the "artificial red" factor.

          But as previous posters have said, red velvet cake is unfortunately not nearly as popular here as in the States or as in other anglophones provinces (I had great red velvet cake in BC, too). It's too bad, because that's one of my favorites!

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            If you are indeed talking about Montreal, I wholeheartedly second the recommendation of Les Glaceurs even though they make cupcakes rather than regular cakes. Their red velvet ones are way better than they need to be, given that hardly anyone around these parts knows how they're supposed to taste. (FWIW my Texan husband loves 'em too - I'm assuming it's not just the deprivation talking...)

            Les Glaceurs (pronounced "lay glassER" in case that helps)
            453 Rue St-Sulpice
            Montreal, QC H2Y 2V8
            (514) 504-1469

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