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Oct 25, 2009 06:38 PM


I'm going to be in Boston this week by myself on business and as a foodie, I'm most concerned about where I'm going to be eating.

I'm staying at the Boston Park Plaza hotel, have only been to Boston once years ago when looking at colleges and have the following criteria:

* Welcoming to solo diners
* Innovative food, maybe something I can't find as easily back in NJ/NYC
* Would prefer a tasting menu (if there is one worth splurging on)
* Should also preface that while I'm not sold on only having Japanese, I am a sushi/sashimi/traditional Japanese fare fanatic and would appreciate if there are any top notch in this category

Basically, if you had one night left in Boston, where would you eat

In addition, I'm hoping to find a couple local breakfast and lunch spots for the three days I have open (unfortunately I only have one dinner slot open)

Any help from locals would be great!

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  1. O-ya in the Leather District

    Also, please consider changing your post title to something a little less generic?

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      I can't seem to figure out how to change the title so I will repost...Thanks

    2. Agree on both points from Purple bot....O Ya is great, and your topic title is something I'd normally skip!

      That said, I had dinner at Erbaluce last night and it was amazing. Very near to where you are staying, nice bar for solo diners, and truly exceptional and unusual preparations. Ended up doing almost all seafood, so maybe fit your craving for Japanese; had razor clams in fennel and green peppercorn sauce, a standard of theirs, scungilli (whelk) in a light mustard sauce, and baby octopus (flown in from Sicily) in a spicy Sicilian sauce of tomatoes and saffron. All of those were truly fresh, exceptional preparations of the ingredients and delicious, leaving me still thinking about them now. Also had some hand made spaghetti in a light tomato and pesto sauce, the noodles having a great al-dente texture due to their freshness, and matsutake mushroom salad with arugula and tallegio. Their wine list is all Italian, unusual, and also just fun to sample. Loved it.

      1. O-ya was given a "one of the top ten restaurants in the US" rating by the NY Times a year or two ago. I've never eaten there, (can't afford it) but it always gets stellar reviews.

        Here's Frank Bruni's review:

        For lunch sushi in your area, Douzo on Dartmouth St, just a few blocks from your hotel, is pretty decent.

        For something you probably couldn't find in NY/NJ, if you have time to get over to the North End at lunchtime, head to Neptune Oyster for fresh raw clams/oysters and one of their lobster rolls.

        At Douzo and Neptune Oyster you will have no problem as a solo diner. Douzo has a very friendly bar atmosphere at lunch, and NO is so tiny you will probably be seated at the bar if you're alone (they only have about 6 tables) and might find yourself cheek by jowl with some big-shot from the financial district or the guy who runs the liquor store around the corner.