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Oct 25, 2009 06:13 PM

New Seafood Market in Asheville?

I see a banner up on Fairview Road outside of River Ridge Marketplace announcing that a new fresh seafood market is coming soon. Does anyone have any info about it?

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  1. No, but spoke with the folks at Cape Fear seafood and they don't have any idea either. Not sure what this new venture is thinking as Cape Fear is 2 miles down the road and acts both as retailer and wholesaler of seafood shipped in by them from the NC coast. By the way if you haven't tried them you should. Their local seafood arrives around noon on Fridays. Two other seafood stores have shut down in recent years because they couldn't compete with supermarkets. Cape Fear does it by getting product direct from the source, the sea, and following through all the way to point-of-sale.

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      Is this the place out on 74 just past the Ingles and on the other side of the road? I keep meaning to go there.

      I was a huge fan and customer of Lighthouse Seafood Market back in the day. I wish they had been able to survive and hope this new place doesn't harm Cape Fear's business.