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Jan 30, 2005 10:30 PM

Vietnamese place that has banh chung?

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Looking for a place up in LA (bakery/deli or restaurant) that has banh chung. Any ideas?


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  1. i googled and only came up with a place in oc.

    hoang huong bakery
    9378 westminster blvd, westminster


    1. In the few recent yrs. I lived in LA, I NEVER sighted banh chung once in the greater LA area. I'm sure that Westminster has some good options that I'm unaware of, but you can repost to ask about that area and will likely get some good responses from OC hounds.

      If they are available in LA, then best bet might be in Chinatown since Viet businesses seem to be cropping up there these days. Linked a Chinatown guide that is useful. Check out Kim Hung Bakery and Linh's Bakery. Looks like they have special occasion cakes and moon cakes, but don't know about banh chung. Perhaps more likely found in a deli. If not, they may be able to point you in the right direction though. Good luck!


      1. The best place to get your banh chung is at Tan Hoang Huong on Euclid and Edinger in Fountain Valley/Santa Ana. They have 2 shops - a food-to-go place on the corner and a shop on the shopping mall strip where you can buy large trays of food. You can find the banh chung at the latter shop. Not sure if you have to order them ahead (the full-sized ones). They're a popular destination for Tet (New Year's) shoppers, so you might want to call them to see if they have some or can have some made and held for you.

        714-775-7422 (not sure which location this number is for)

        1. Does anyone know of any deli that might have some banh chung or banh tet?
          I know that a year or two ago health inspectors didn't dig the fact that they tend to sit out at room temp (unsafe they claimed) and they seemed to become even scarcer.
          It just isn't Tet without it.

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            Banh tet was on display at Van's Bakery on Brookhurst and 13th in GG. Good luck getting there during the height of the Tet celebration.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              I've seen both banh chung and tet off and on at the Van's Bakery in San Gabriel, as well.

          2. This is the time to get em along with the pickled daikon and carrots fish sauce thats supposed to go with it...
            I've pretty much seen them in all the vietnamese delis/bakerys I've visited these last two weeks. Banh Mi Che Cali, Vans Bakery, Lee's Sandwich, asian supermarkets. As other hounders have mentioned, you will find them along with all the other Chinese New Years goodies. The places I went to was in Little Saigon/OC, but you can find them in San Gabriel/Alhambra and Chinatown.
            Yummm, best when fried in a little oil to crisp the outside but still soft inside. Thats it! I'm getting some tomorrow.
            Good luck!