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Oct 25, 2009 03:57 PM

Any new lunch places in the Financial District

I am in need of some new lunch places in the Financial District. On a regular basis I go to Soma, Just Salad, Table Tales, Energy Kitchen, Financier- you get the picture :)

Any new places that you love?

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    1. re: lindapugphoto

      thanks - what are some other places?

    2. These are not particularly new, but here are my regular options:

      Smorgas Chef

      Southwest NY

      Adrienne's Pizza Bar

      Donald Sacks

      Se Ja Meh

      35 Thai

      Barbarini Alimentari


      Country Kebab

      Baluchi's Masala

      Koyzina Kafe

      Flavors Cafe

      Adrienne's Pizza Bar
      54 Stone St, New York, NY 10004

      Barbarini Alimentari
      225 Front Street, New York, NY 10038

      8 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 10038

      Koyzina Kafe
      62 William St, New York, NY 10005

      Donald Sacks
      220 Vesey St, New York, NY 10281

      Baluchi's Masala
      60 Pearl St, New York, NY 10004

      Country Kebab
      76 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038

      225 Front St Frnt A, New York, NY 10038

      1. Made Fresh Daily, Onda, Cowgirl Seahorse . . . the new place Adrienne's owners opened in 2 Gold location (I have not been but a friend has).

        229 Front Street, New York, NY 10038

        Made Fresh Daily
        226 Front St, New York, NY 10038

        Cowgirl Seahorse
        259 Front St, New York, NY 10038

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        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          I didn't know the Adriennes folks opened another new place, I live right around the corner from 2 Gold, I'll have to go check it out.

          I'd also add that the Financier guys just opened a new place, Vintry Wine and Whiskey. Possibly not lunch appropriate, but looks like another good restaurant option in the financial district. Always welcome.

          1. re: clearance42

            That's Harry's Italian (from the Adrienne's guys) at Gold and Platt--perfectly good basic Italian restaurant with beyond reasonable prices for sit down food in the area.

        2. Has Picknick Smoked closed for the season or is it year-round?